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Doomsday Preppers Review-April 3rd


Is it me, or are the “Experts” getting more ridiculous in their comments?

Let’s go through our preppers this week and I will follow up that question. First up is John Major in Idaho. So John is a sportsman and marksman and avid bug eater. Now this bugs me, bazinga! He and his family live in a house with what looked like several acres. The very beginning of their story starts with the family “cookin up some bugs”, mmmmmm good. They had a lot of bugs in their freezer just waiting for a recipe.

He also packages seeds in mylar and sells them, I assume as a business in the home. It looked like he packages up a lot of seed that he gets in bulk with labels on what they are and such.

They are prepping for a Dirty Bomb attack. The entire family is involved and actively participating in the preps and drills for that event. They have 72hr bags and a Berkey Water Filter they use when they practice “shelter in place”. The safe area is upstairs and by using duct tape and plastic to seal the area off. Firearms were a part of all family members, mostly 22lr which is fine for small game. One part of their preps was to take off to the national forest if things get to dicey at home. In all they live a modest, more self sufficient lifestyle and that seems to work great for them.

Now for some observations: Although I have eaten many things through training programs such as sea urchin, sea slugs and of course worms, I would not make a diet of them. What I thought odd, and the “Experts” did not address it, was why he did not grow food. John has this thing about seeds to rebuild the country after an incident and I agree with that. The fact is that John has the seeds he needs to use them. The time to learn gardening and what soil/seed combination is not when the Shumer has hit the fan. The garden for me what the huge hole that really did hot get it attacked.

Next would be the lack of more powerful weapons in the house, I would get at least one shotgun and teach everybody to use it. Their Bug Out Ambulance was a little high profile during a bugout, I believe in “Going Grey” when in pubic, especially when carrying equipment, bags, etc… I would also like them to “have a Plan” during the bugout with a destination and plan once you reach there. I think they should have that Ham Radio¬† they mentioned or even a CB/SSB radio for comm’s, keep up the food storage along with destination for the bug out. My basic belief that you should never prepare for ONE event but all events has not changed.

Next up is Janey Spencer in Montana. She is concerned about a nuclear attack. She and her husband live in Great Falls and she is in major missile launch territorry. She does help others in her community prepare for this event should there be an event. She stores food and supplies, according to the show, without her husband knowing..right! She was putting food under the bed, tables and just about everything she could. Now she does know about Faraday Cages and was making basic ones by just using metal containers. I was impressed because this WOULD be something from any nuclear issue. I had never seen anyone put food in a door, guess there is a first for everything.

Now I am not going to spend a lot of time on her, I think her reason is reasonable, after that, I don’t understand some of what she is doing and again, the “Practical Preppers” don’t mention some important issues. First of all, I don’t like that she does this when her husband is out so as not to disturb him. I think this should be done in front of or at least out of hiding even if your mate does not agree with you. It’s important that you don’t try to hide that this is a big part of her life and that by it’s nature affects both their lives. Next is the food being pretty inaccessible and due to that, no food rotation. The food being stored has a shelf life and unless you rotate it, when you need it you won’t be able to eat it. The only thing the “Experts” could come up with is that she should split up here preps to another location. As with most on the show, she preps for one event, not any event or just a better, more sustainable way of life.

And last but not least was Jack Jobe, 65 years young living in Colorado. Now Jack’s event is a Solar Flare that knocks out power by creating an EMP.¬† Now Jack is a prepper but his wife is not. She did join in with personal protection inside the home, with knives. Knives everywhere, 8 taped under tables and such. They did create a safe room for emergencies and have about4 months food on hand. Jack makes a habit of talking to everyone in the neighborhood about getting ready and seemed to have some impact in his neighborhood.

So you probably know what I am going to say first. Single Event, Single Event, Single Event.…It’s great that he has 4 months of food and was spreading th word. I like that he is getting his spouse, even though she does not prep to be very involved in the defense of herself and the home. My wife and I have similar talks, she is the thoughtful, caring person but it does take work to “Role Play” the preps to see how ready you are. I do take exception to knives. Now I personally don’t like knives, I would rather be shot or beat with a baseball bat but they have a place. That place is a Last Resort. Now a knife is a close combat weapon, you will see the light leave your opponents eyes when you use a knife. I don’t want my wife that close, I want her so shoot the SOB dead as hell at 25′. Pepper spray is a distance weapon, don’t try to fight these people on their turf, hand to hand.

The safe room was interesting, but it would not last. It amounted to concealment and not cover and gives you that false sense of security. It needs much more to be effective. So I think there are things that Jack will need to take a look at and make some changes. I really don’t know what the NutGeo guys are doing when their “Practical Preppers” can’t point out the important issues.

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  1. Cathy Snow says:

    So how do I go about finding this John Major guy and his seeds?
    I will keep googling.
    I do know there are other companies who have hybrid or old seeds, which would probably be
    just as good.
    Just interested. Thanks

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