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Doomsday Preppers Review-April 10th


This week we again have three preppers who want their 14 minutes of fame. We have two EMP/Nuclear incidents that knockout the grid and one Pandemic.

First up is Barry, Pink and their son Cole. They have the Urban Foxhole in their garage and are preparing for multiple events but feel the most likely was an EMP knocking out the electrical grid. To date they have spent over 70k in preps, that must include the Urban Foxhole in the garage. They said they built it in the garage without anyone knowing. Their supplies would last them 60 days, mostly they planned to stay in the Foxhole with one person roaming around the house for protection. So phase 1 was at the house in the shelter, phase 2 was making their way to their sailboat and heading to an island.
The trip on foot from the house to the boat was 15 miles, they plan to do it after dark. They have a fancy toilet and can desalinate water with some gear he made up.They set up caches along their route to the sailboat to resupply and take breaks. The boat would take them to a deserted island in the Puget Sound area where they would set up camp from the stocked boat.

Now for the critique. Their bug in plan had 60 days of food, water and general supplies, what happens after 60 days. In this type of disaster, the power may be off for a couple of years easily. So much would be destroyed depending on how many EMP events occurred and how large an area was affected. 60 days is nothing. I did notice that most of the food was canned, limited shelf life and packed in the buckets, cannot be rotated to remain fairly fresh and usable. So their storage methods were poor. I cannot imagine that none of their neighbors noticed when the shelter showed up, that big ass thing that looks like a golf ball in their driveway…..please! I think they need more supplies at home with a plan and skills to grow their own food once their food stores starts being used up.

I thought the boat escape was interesting, but a last resort. That boat cannot store much food since it needs to carry your family to safety. Weight in a sailboat or airplane is critical to how it flies or sails. So once you get to your deserted island, you will find out why no-one is there. It’s an island with not supplies, game to hunt, shelters to live in. Once you run out of food, you will need to forage, alot. The island is a last resort and is a bad idea. I know friends who are private pilots as I am, putting a lot of stuff in a plane and flying to better pastures is just not feasible.

Next up is Steve Pace and his wife Martha. The are prepping for a High altitude nuclear explosion that kills the power grid, sounds familiar. Steve has built a Faraday Cage from a trash can and placed items inside. Connected a 12v battery to the can to see if the cage worked. They have the gas masks and mop suits for radiation protection. He is getting his community involved including Law Enforcement and the Mayor of their town. He was talking to them about broadcasting from the Sheriffs office in the event of a nuclear problem. They listed but looks like they didn’t do anything toward the protection and broadcasting. Steve has a Quadracycle that he plans on using for transportation after the grid goes down and only has to achieve a speed faster than the zombie hoard.

His preps had 80 days of water, didn’t really see a lot of food. Their plan for lack of water is to treat their own urine. He had a charcoal filter that seemed to work. It seems like there are a lot of these nuclear to grid down preppers and the all seem to do roughly the same thing. I understand the event and grid going down, that would be catastrophic to our way of life and economy, I stop short of planning to drink my urine. I have to applaud Steve for taking the initiate to get the community involved, not may would try so his dedication is nice to see.

It did not seem like they had done enough with their food and stores. And 80 gallons of water is about 20 days for 2 people. That’s not a lot, they should get a month stored if possible. I could do without the quadracycle since I don’t think you could outrun most things in that contraption. The Faraday cage they built I have seen before, but they did not line the inside to make sure items inside don’t touch the metal. I would also suggest getting some of the EMP bags and nesting items in the cage. So trash can with cardboard or foam liner inside, floor and wall. Think about how many people/stuff. Would two cages be better given the people?

An last but not least is Laura Kunzie and family in Ft. Mills South Carolina. The prep is the Evian Flu Pandemic. She has a small prep store where she sells and teaches about emergencies and how to survive them. Now she had a fairly elaborate decontamination procedure and had a nurse check out what she was doing. Seemed to work pretty well. She has a website where she teaches and sells supplies.

I really didn’t see much from Laura as far as general preps. It seems that NatGeo now leaves the normal stuff alone (like food storage) when they have a bird flu person to put on display. Not much to say here, just did not have much interest in her and her preps.

Let’s all keep prepping for the 5 types of events, Personal, Local, Regional, National and International. Get your Food Stores list and the general stores list and just DO IT!



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