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Doomsday Preppers – October 26th, 2013


Well the new season starts now and they have two Preppers and a new format!

First on the format, I don’t like it at all. Maybe they are trying to get creative on a low budget, anyway it does not work. Do one prepper and then move to the next. It’s not like they were comparing the two side by side at all, no idea why but it’s harder to follow one prepper at a time. It also appears the same lack of research is evident to make Possibilities, Probabilities. Normal everyday questions don’t get asked or addressed at all, making me wonder just how wacky they want these folks to look. Is Weird the new Normal?

First up is Rodney Dial, his wife Lisa and spoiled daughter Megan. Rodney is preparing for a massive earthquake that results in a mega wave from a Super Tsunami. The largest one to hit Alaska was 1,700 ft tall. Rodney is located in Ketchikan Alaska and live on the coast, his house elevation is 45 Above Mean Sea Level. Sounds like a southern California beach house. Rodney s background is former military with 20 years of security work. He also is a certified diver and owns the Alaska standard aluminum river boat. His thoughts are that the Tsunami wave would damage or destroy homes and businesses along the coast and only those who know how to survive would make it.

Sea cucumber

He also feels that along with the devastation, riots and violence would ensue as resources dried up and people start to forage for food and supplies. So he has 6 months of stored food and a rain catchment water system that stores 5,000 gallons of  drinking water. His thoughts on additional food supplies seems to come from Sea Cucumbers he harvests from the bay. He also plans to add caches of supplies in steel cylinders that are welded shut at both ends. He wants them to weigh 150 lbs so they sink to the bottom. His plan is to put many of these in the bay. Take photos of the shoreline to help them find them after the Tsunami. He fitted up a portable air pump with a car battery and hose to give him a few minutes of air for retrieval of the caches.

Rolling Thunder

Along with the zombie hoards he forecasts, he wanted additional protection from them. So he spend $100k for a 6 wheel vehicle that is up armored, had gun ports and one main gun on top in a turret. The vehicle was a troop carrier and used by the British Army until it finally ended up in his hands. He does drills with it at the local rifle range called “Rolling Thunder” with the family. Speaking of family, the daughter wants nothing to do with this. She prefers a cell phone, snack and a lap dog, wow.

The GOOD and the BAD:


  • Water storage at 5,000 gallons is excellent
  • 6 months food is a good start
  • Security and firearms is excellent
  • Certified Diver and Boat on the coast is a great resource
  • An Alaska small town/community is priceless
  • Wife is onboard

The BAD:

  • Most of the preps are at the house they live in. It’s 45′ ASL. Most large waves will take out the house so this is not a good storage facility.
  • The sea is not the best storage facility either given the incoming wave may not hurt the caches, but the draw down out to sea when the wave withdraws WILL. It will move the caches and most likely never be found. Not to mention that photos now, will not look the same after the wave hits. The photos may be of no use.
  • Most of the food is MRE’s, not good for a daily diet of any time frame.
  • Armored vehicle is not needed, you live in a town of 8,000 folks
  • Food storage is finite, you need a plan to grow more


  • Given the event being prepared for, you can assume that disruption is local, to the coast only. Other areas of Alaska would be fine and the state would send support in within hours or days of the wave hitting. So survival time is not measured in months.
  • Having your main house at 45′ ASL, makes it a place to be from in the event of a wave. A bug out location, piece of land with a one room cabin would suffice for short term and longer if you add some preps to the property. Put your food and water storage there.
  • Sea Cucumbers are horrible things to eat. I ate all kinds of things in Sea Survival and it’s not a steady diet. There must be more to harvest from the sea than those, find others. It’s a great source just not Sea Cucumbers.
  • Get more food stored and since it is finite, grow your own. This is a great skill that you can parlay into barter or income.
  • Get the community involved with your concerns. When the SHTF, if your prepared, your entire community can be self sufficient. Make it so!
  • Loose the armored vehicle. Those items only divide you from the community and lessen the talk about that crazy guy with the assault vehicle. The lone wolf does not survive without the pack.
  • Take your daughters toy dog and snack. Put her in some overalls and get her gardening! Give that kid something to do but shuck Sea Cucumbers and shoot from the turret. Build a partner and a daughter at the same time!
  • You live in a town of just over 8,000 people. You are so isolated that the closest city of more than 50k population is Bellingham Washington and it’s over 600 miles away. You have few roads to get to the town, most access is by sea. So where do all of Hordes from Hell come from? What are all the looters home towns? There is going to be NONE of this where you are. You have prepared for a local event and put regional, possibly national consequences to it.

Next up is Curt, wife Randy and two kids. Curt is in Central Oregon on 80 acres he bought and built as the Bug Out Place. And he built one heck of a house from the show video, very nice. So they moved from town out to the boonies I guess, not sure how far town is away but I guess he still has a business to run. He is preparing for a Total Economic Collapse followed by rioting, and the loss of the Rule Of Law. The house if very large with living quarters upstairs, garages with high bays to work on things and more garage space for 30 total vehicles. The entrance and house are on closed circuit video linked to his cell phone. He can see most everything and it’s all linked to his computer as well.

Oregon Suburban

He has built a 2 million gallon pond for water resources and install 2,400 watts of solar power. Also being built is a 3,000 sq ft greenhouse to provide food for the family. He has also stored food, over 20k rounds of ammo and collection of firearms. He mentions that it’s going to take all hands on deck if they get overrun, so the kids are taught to shoot. So he thinks his one weakness is if they get overrun, they don’t have the “Perfect Bug-Out Vehicle”. So he buys a Chevy Suburban and gets his like minded friends to help him convert it to just that vehicle. So they weld on some small tubing to make a “roll cage” and then start to weld plate steel over all of the windows, side panels and windshield. They make a cattle guard steel front to the suburban to be able to ram things. The weight increase they called at over 4,000 lbs. They finally get it done and start a fire, at night with pallets and then ram the truck through it. Celebrations and high fives for the job!

Forest Fire

The GOOD and the BAD:


  • 2 million gallons of water to draw from. Superstar!
  • Food storage looked good, not sure how much, they never said.
  • Greenhouse, just awesome
  • House with living upstairs with one entry.
  • Good video security
  • Defensive firearms and ammo
  • Solar Power
  • Family involvement

The BAD:

  • Water Filtration System. Not sure how the stored water, exposed to the elements should be at least filtered
  • Greenhouse not completed and crops growing
  • No evacuation strategy or planning
  • Second covert way out of house from second floor in case primary comromised
  • Community involvement
  • Bug Out Vehicle. Bug out to where? Also, if you add 4,000 lbs to the vehicle and don’t beef up suspension, drive train and steering, it will not handle well at all.
  • Garden hoses for a wildfire coming at your home? Really?
  • No emergency radio that warns of major events. Would have heard the warning or news
  • Ham Radio or other means of contacting people outside your area or getting official news


  • So much going for this guy, the house, greenhouse, water, food but missed the idea of event possibilities vs probabilities. In the world, when you are prepping for one thing, people often forget the probable events that do happen.
  • Kids shooting. I taught mine to shoot just as early at Curt, may earlier but I could not and would not count on them to make a decision to shoot another person. Even to shoot at another person to most adults is hard to fathom let alone do. Kids are not a good part of the killing scheme.
  • One wildfire took all their plans offline and created nothing but panic. When he saw the fire, he overreacted running up the stairs screaming Fire, Fire. No plan of action, bug out bags upstairs in closets, wrong! THIS is what we should plan for first, not TEOTWAWKI. What is possible vs what is probable. A wildfire in his location or where we live in the high desert of Nevada, it’s the same thing. We had the same thing happen but we pulled out the checklist and started through it. We were ready to evac within 20 min, animals included. You simply cannot forget the now and here enough.
  • Bug out vehicle. What for? Where are you going and with what? Everybody wants to “Bug Out” but what’s your COMPLETE plan? Run to the forest with your AR, Boots and Pack? No way brother, you gonna die. You have to have a complete plan, not just drive away. If he leaves, he loses all he has. Maybe you should think about a second location you could move to. The evac for the fire would have been the truck and RV, not the Chevy Suburban.






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