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Doomsday Preppers – November 5th 2013


Another week of adventure brings us two preppers, Arizona and North Carolina.

First up is Chad Hudspeth, wife Debbie and two daughters. Chad is located in Phoenix Arizona and is preparing for a Nuclear Strike on the US brought on by the US Government and the following siege. Chad feels that if the US had a direct hit by a Nuke, their would be a total lock-down of cities, Marshall law would be implemented and people would be moved to concentration camps and prisons. His feeling is that Democide would become the norm since his count is that over 260 million people have been killed by their own governments in the past century. He states that the founding fathers said that “government is evil”.

So his decision is to protect his family and provide for their needs without regards to the government. He has put up a 10X10 mobile structure and put in an aquaponics system. So he will have fish and food from the system and a byproduct of this is algae. Chad says that he produces most of the food the family eats. The algae then goes into the small biodiesel processor along with Caustic Soda and Methanol to make the diesel. Also a byproduct of the biodiesel is Glycerine that is used in soap-making.
Underground Tunnel

Beyond this, he is concerned that he and his family will be taken to the camps so he wants to put in an underground escape tunnel. It ends up being and escape bookshelf in the master bedroom to a small conex which serves as a temporary bunker and then the long 24″ tunnel to the escape hatch and getaway vehicle. He is concerned about keeping this project quiet. He goes to the supply store and announces to everyone what he is doing and buys the materials, then hires a excavation company to dig trenches, bury the conex and install the piping. This also entailed large excavators brought through the property block wall from the street. The block wall removed was replaced with a fake foam wall that could be driven through during the getaway.

During the trenching, it looks like they are damaging the foundation but it appears that it did not. The conex was also just under the back yard surface so as not to put much weight on the roof of the conex. The exit looked like a pad with a trash can on it, on hinges that swing out of the way when exiting. The fake wall was a great touch, that would have fooled everyone but the neighbors.

The GOOD and the BAD”


  • The aquaponics system was very nice. It looked like they were raising Talapia, great fish to do this with and the food production looked good.
  • The bookshelf in the master bedroom looked great and could not tell it was a passage from the inside.
  • The conex gave them a “Safe Room” .
  • Making biodiesel

The BAD:

  • I saw no evidence of a food storage program or stores area
  • There appeared to be no water stored
  • The aquaponics system could not supply “Most” of the families food, it’s just to small
  • Most people killed by their own governments are in third world countries, which we are not
  • Chad’s plan is to run away if they come for them, why would they come for them?
  • How would Chad know they are coming for them?
  • No real communications or defense, just run away.


  • Our founding fathers warned us that government CAN become tyrannical and that’s why they gave us a republic and warned us to “Keep It”. We have certainly not done our job of being stewards of our country. We need government, but only limited government.
  • The event of prison and concentration camps in this country just isn’t realistic. I guess in a fiction novel that would read well. The government just does not have enough people to round everybody up and why would they? The event is not probable, and less probable than any other you could name.
  • Where are they going when they run away? They appeared to have no bug out location, no plan other than RUN.
  • The rule of 3’s is basically ignored. Shelter, water and food should have topped their list, but no water or food other than the little they would get from the aquaponics system, which is not enough to sustain a family of four.
  • His plan of keeping this quiet went to hell in a hand-basket when he announced it in the building materials store, by that afternoon, most of the neighborhood knew about it. And by the way, camera crews WILL give your secrets away!
  • Why not “Go Gray” where they are and install things like more food production and water storage behind those block walls. Keep it on the lowdown but do things that help your family survive in place or get a bugout location and stock that. Young kids are not going to do well for long in this scenario of hiding.
  • The safe room should be built out for longer stays or put in a full bunker?
  • I think you have to rethink the scenario. Probability vs Possibility. This meets neither well at all.

Next up is Mike Evock, Wife, Son and Daughter. Mike is located in Laurinburg North Carolina and  is preparing for a Biological/Chemical Attack causing death and the ensuing invaders on his property. Their business and he admits is a front for their prepping. The ATV park on 80 acres serves as income for the family but also is a test track and is their bug out location. Mike was special forces for 16 years so he has some experience in improvised defense. They currently have one month of food storage, mostly MRE‘s in a conex and some water in 6 gallon containers.

Since they are preparing for a Biological attack, they bought a small Bio-Dome to take shelter in if an attack occurs. Mike wants to see if his son can set up the dome in 3 minutes, challenging his son to a race to see if he can do 25 laps on the ATV track before it’s set up. He looses this bet as the dome is set up in time and they do some tests to see how it works. Now on to phase 2, which is when the bad guys show up at his place. He has a friend drive in and capture their flag in a large truck. The ATV’s Mike uses along with his friends cannot stop the truck and they lose round one. So Mike decides to build an ATV called “The Interceptor” by adding armor and a gun on it.
Interceptor ATV

He and his son, along with track employees, all on ATV’s plan on using some strategy and maneuvering to work at stopping the trucks in round 2. They also make what they call “Caltrops” to drop on the ground and are designed to take out tires quickly. So the “Interceptor” carries the AR with 2,000 rds of ammo along with the armor plating. So in round 2, they end up corralling the trucks, deflating tires and save the flag.

The GOOD and the BAD


  • I like combining the business front with their prepping, it’s good cover and they have an income.
  • They have some food and water.
  • Guns and ammo are in supply
  • Mike’s background in SF will help with operations and security
  • Love, Love, Love the tire de-flators

The BAD:

  • One month of food will not do
  • A few water containers will not get them through a week
  • Communications seemed lacking
  • Passive perimeter security is missing
  • No garden to add to food stores
  • Trucks are no match for ATV’s


This seemed more about rampant adolescent than prepping.

  • The idea that an ATV can outdo a full size truck is ridiculous. The truck will run over the ATV causing great bodily injury to the rider. The ATV should be seen during combat should be seen as a transport to a secure position and nothing more. It’s not an armored personnel carrier.It can carry materials and wounded but it’s not a fighting vehicle.
  • So lets look a just the straight up preps. Food and water is miserable and would not last them a week.
  • What about all those employees that you have trained to defend the fort? Are you housing and feeding them?
  • Perimeter security is a mess, passive means such as Dakota devices with ATV’s moving defenders into positions, now that’s a fast response team with Intel!
  • Rather than figuring out how to win at capture the flag, lets start back with the basic 3’s for survival. Water, shelter and food, they have one out of three. I think Mike needs to step back and start over looking at the basics first.
  • Water, Food, Shelter, Power Production, Security, Defense and Medical. Look at all the systems you can build or put in place that help these items become stores for months of stress reduced living.
  • Do NOT prepare for one thing, you will be caught short or without your shorts!
  • Done right, prepping stops survival and basically, survival sucks!



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2 responses on “Doomsday Preppers – November 5th 2013

  1. Gary tower says:

    I have 6 mo. Frees dryed food a lot of camping equipment , many guns
    And3000 rounds of .223 bullies. So now I got my bug out bag with 3000 silver
    Dimes and other trade good like pain killers candy bars. C I built the
    Base then added bug out. Now I am thinking about a bunker say 200 miles
    To the wood lets say or a bunker boat since I just about live on the beach
    I think that is what u need todo. Gary tower

    • Vic says:

      Well Gary,
      Your idea of prepping and mine are different. Lets look at each sentence you wrote.
      What after the 6 months of food is gone? Gardening?
      You cannot eat bullies so think food and water.
      Silver dimes are great barter items.
      Not sure what pain killer candy bars are but go get it skippy.
      Bunker?? Really??
      What you have is no plan and are definitely the product of marketing. You see, you do, you buy.
      You have no plan, just stuff. Think about what you really need to do to stay safe.
      FYI. I will never have a bunker boat, bunker anything. I don’t crawl underground since I don’t think that will ever be needed unless you are in a hurricane or tornado. Start thinking for yourself and start making sense.

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