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Doomsday Preppers Feb-21


In case I have not been clear on my opinion, I think NATGEO producers and their show in general, use preppers as cannon fodder. They want the most outlandish preppers front and center for RATINGS! They need to put butts on the couch watching each week, it’s Hollywood and a show. In each episode, NATGEO seems to snuggle up to each prepper and appears to find one thing for this season that they can act out. Then they are evaluated and shown that what they are preparing for, isn’t a reality. So they must be nuts….. The majority of viewers get a laugh and then can slip back into their Normal Lifestyles feeling “thank god we don’t do that”. So yes I think the show does nothing to help our prepper community, it only hurts it.

Prepping is personal, that’s the short version of why. We do it because of our vision for now and tomorrow, our life experience and current situation. So what is an event, may not be for the next prepper. But there is one thing that all preppers have in common, we can learn from each other. One prepper who seems to have been given a raw deal is David Sardi who was on the second show this year. David seems to be real nice guy who has issues and I think the exposure from the show, doomed him (pardon the pun) to having his guns confiscated. This is a real tragedy, and please send him your support! Fight the good fight David!

So let’s turn this series into a classroom! We can learn things from each prepper that you and I may or may not know. If you don’t learn something new everyday, you missed out on something. And there are things to learn here. Please feel free to comment!

So the first Prepper up this week were the husband and wife truck drivers. They have lost their home in this latest monetary collapse like a lot of people, their truck and trailer became their home and business. I pray for her cancer! Their attitude is their altitude! Wow a great outlook and dogged determination. So their situation will be on the road when something hits. At first I thought “that’s all the food they have” and was glad to hear about the Cache’s. In their situation there are no victory gardens, only wildcrafted where they find it. I thought the barter items were actually a good suggestion. I felt that the ambush thing was ridiculous and setup for shock and awe, where have we heard that before…. Unfortunately there is no way in hell they should stop during a SHTF scenario, just too risky. Long range would be your friend, watch and wait if you want to help would be the order of the day. I would not want to be on the road when something happens, being out in the open reduces your odds for survival. Maybe they should think about a piece of property somewhere that they could stock and get to when it get’s too tough. All the best to them!

The second was Pandemic gal and her crusade to help her neighbors. So she had something that really could happen, the “experts” felt that she had good reason to prep, thank god we have their blessing. I felt that she has an intense fear of her family getting sick, big time fear. But fear is best met and faced and she is doing that. It’s takes a lottsa chutzpah to have that fear and press forward to help neighbors, hat’s off to her. So this is one we probably all need better preps for and she has really thought it through. I am going to contact her to get her kit list and see about doing more for me and my area.

Last but not least was the family moving from Florida to Tennessee. This looked pretty rough on the kids, but they seemed to get over it and move on later in the show. Kid’s are resilient! I thought their rice in the soda bottles was interesting, I would have opted for buckets to keep the light from the food. One of the key elements in food loosing nutritional value is light. Air and moisture are the other key enemies for food and I am not sure how they were addressing those in the bottles. Defensive weapons seemed adequate, possibly more training would be good to get. I loved their piece of land, water, trees and areas to plant a garden. Looked great. I applaud them for completing a life change that is not easy. The change in lifestyle is one that would be nice for all of us.

So not a bad week for learning. NATGEO could do so much more with this show if they just turned it into a learning tool. I would have like to have seen how the last family configured the solar panels he brought. How they did the well for using it without power. How bout we are shown a list of items in the Pandemic kit… One common thing to remember is the ATTITUDE of each prepper, attitude is your altitude!    Well, there’s always next week!

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5 responses on “Doomsday Preppers Feb-21

  1. joe williams says:

    I appeciate the preppers show. It may be uncalled for because no one knows the future but in my opinion preparedness is a vital part of wisdom. There are many useful ideas shown. I appreciate Donna Nash and her passionate desire to protect her loved ones. My great Grandmother lost her Mother and sisters to a flu epidemic in the late 1800’s and her husband and 2yr old daughter to another flu in 1918. It is a very real concern. Myself…I am 56 with cancer…so it is a little late for me, but my hat is off to Donna. Enjoy the show

    • Vic says:

      Sorry to take so long to respond, hunting in Colorado.
      I actually like the show but only to learn from. I do think those who choose to go on the show do so without duress. I cover the show because we CAN and SHOULD learn from others, both their successes and failures. Donna does want to and WILL take care of her family. I would not want to be the one in front of her, she is very determined and that, is what is needed for all Preppers, resolve. I am sorry to hear about your cancer, I to am 56 and that does occasionally cross my mind. A pandemic is REAL as hell and a very real possibility, more than solar flares in my opinion. We face to may things that create and help viruses survive and thrive. She is right on the mark and was looking into her kits. All the best to you sir!

  2. GEMI112 says:

    I agree with you about the show, it’s showcasing preppers as freaks and fanatics. The only one I thought was level headed on the episode with the pandemic lady was the trucker, he was actually level headed and didn’t seem completely off the wall. I think the pandemic lady had a ton of great resources and research put into her product, unfortunately the show made her look like a complete nut case and germaphobe.

    Nat geo should continue this show, however, make it a learning tool like you’ve pointed out and make it more practical prepping. I think anything rated for “doomsday” is already a little over the top in the sense that it gives preppers a bad stereotype. Preppers do what we do because we realize that history never fails to repeat itself, it’s only a matter of time for disaster to strike.

  3. JR says:

    If you find the shipping list for the pandemic kit, please remember to post. Thanks!

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