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Doomsday Preppers – December 17th – 2013

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This week we have two preppers and I like some things they are doing!

First up is Richard Hugging and wife Darlene. They are in Weatherford Texas and are preparing for a nuclear attack by a terrorist state. His main concern is the people that will come to take things they have. Living in the upper floor of a large industrial building and right next to a major highway gives them pause to prepare for invaders. The downstairs of the building is where he works. Richard is a master machinist and works on all kinds of projects. But to him prepping is always central to his thoughts. They have stored up over 3 years of food and over 300 weapons. He is always armed and is on alert 24/7. Working with his prepping partner Seth Copeland, they embark on projects to protect the rear of the property and main road in.

Texas 1

Their dogs in the pen are their early warning of trespassers, their two dogs do quite the job. Beyond that, there is the main road into the property on the back side that gives them concern. They decide to build a pillbox using cinder blocks poured with concrete. Making shooting ports in front and small ones on the sides using boards on the blocks to frame the openings. A hole dug on the backside of the blocks allow them to be low and are tougher target. The main gun at the pillbox is a Browning 50 cal on a tripod mount. Richard modified the mount to handle two ammo boxes, one on each side to feed the beast. Along with that they had built claymores, real shells with bb’s and charged with C-4. These are set with the traditional clacker triggers to set them off. First line of defense were smoke/tear gass grenades, fired from a homemade LVOSS. The LVOSS was staked to the ground and had 4 tubes, 2 short, 2 long. With the right charge, distance is determined.

LVOSSSo they set up a test with a group of friends. They come in from the road and the first line is put into action. The LVOSS loaded and they wait until range is good and the long tubes roared, sending a cloud of either smoke or gas into the group. They retreat, at this point they better because the next line of defense is the browning. It tears up paper like like a pollster working for their candidate. Next, the last line of defense and probable the most grisly, the Claymores. They yell “claymore, claymore, claymore” and hit the switch, nothing happens. After a minute, they detonate and it was not expected. This is why we test our preps. Darlene is there at the start of the LVOSS, but when the wind shifts they go the gas masks, she gets overwhelmed or overheated, not sure which but she needs to withdraw from the battle and says she will let them handle the bad guys.

The GOOD and the BAD


  • 3 years of food, a plus for sure
  • 300 weapons is a very large inventory
  • machine gun
  • LVOS
  • Wife support
  • Prepping partner
  • Workshop only some of us could dream of (yea we got envy goin on here)
  • Dogs for early warning
  • Machinist work in a downside economy or collapse is priceless
  • Property to put in infrastructure


  • Water, water, water. Where is the storage?
  • Renewable/addition food supply
  • Renewable heat source
  • 2 plus 1 means limited defense/security
  • Alternate power
  • Passive security other than dogs


  • A Nuclear attack probably means and EMP. Unknown if you may be affected, the grid going down is more than a possibility, it’s now a probability. So alternate means of power, water pumping, heat and lighting are needed to complete the preps for this scenario.
  • Water. The one thing we cannot live without first. You need an alternate way to pump it and a place to store it. With shelter being first in our rule of 3, water is next and more important than food.
  • With manpower at 2+1, and if the 1 does not make it to you there is a problem. One person looking out the front and one out the back? Not going to work. When you have limited manpower, you need passive security. Ground and sonic detectors, CCTV and tripwires placed around the property will give you more eyes on potential problems and would let you close yours for some shuteye. We don’t work well on lack of sleep and if this scenario continued, it would get worse. It would also increase your response to an attack. Say your third made it. Put Darlene on sensor monitoring, connect the two with comm’s and you have a ready reaction force to put rounds on target and SPECIFIC locations.
  • Bunker. Well intentioned but only targets and limited area, a stationary target will become venerable. From what they showed built, it would not stand up to fire. There was no concrete and no rebar to hold the blocks together. I could with a high powered 30 cal rifle, put a round right through what they built. Ask the guys in Nam, when the VC charged the pillbox or mortar pit was a deathtrap. If you are going to use them, build several an move as needed.
  • LVOS. I love this thing but here is the drawback. FIRE. You are shooting a burning projectile into grass covered hillside, hmmmm what could go wrong? If you created some fire break so that fire that starts will be on the OTHER side of you, would be a good idea.
  • Food. Need a garden to grow fresh food. Nothing will become so boring as freeze dried foods. Grow to extend your preps and offer variety. Grow because eventually you will run out and then is not the time to “LEARN” to grow them. Build the infrastructure now and you will enjoy the fruits now, and later.
  • Richard obviously has a class 3 license to own full auto weapons and a either a Destructive Device or Business Demolition Permit to own the C-4. These are getting harder to get every day, namely the C-4 or any explosive.

Next up is Dr. Dave, wife Dee and their daughter. They are preparing for an EMP that will shutdown the electrical grid and cause widespread panic and shortages. Living in what was described as Rural Colorado, they have acreage and a large house many other amenities. With his wife Dee and daughter, dave practices alternative medicine, mostly Chinese herbal medicine. Acupuncture and herb tonics and combinations for disease and symptoms. Most of his medicines are purchased from China and he makes the items he wants from his recipes.


They have a 350sqft bunker for their prepping supplies. In that are 2 years of food in buckets, cans and Wise food tubs. Also is general equipment from tents, packs and sleeping bags. In a homemade Faraday cage trash can he has radios and other sensitive electronics that will survive the EMP and provide communications and information.Also on the property, he stores 125 thousand gallons of water, 500 gallons of gasoline, generator and Solar Panel Array. His Chevy Blazer he has EMP proofed and has a old motorcycle which would not be affected by EMP. There is a metal (EMP proof) travel trailer that he has turned into a mobile clinic. There is stocked the Chinese herbs and tools to help people and giving him a post crash business.

Dr Dave

The most interesting thing he does is with the Hoophouses. He grows all of his greens for the family along with other medicinal plants, yep, Mary Jane. He has a medicinal license to dispense so that is an important crop. He grows enough tomatoes with 35 plants to supply the entire family all year. The hoophouses extend the grow season in Colorado since they get their share of snow. He also does a lot of cucumbers since they and tomatoes yield the most per square inch.hightunnel

Now the trailer, which he promotes as EMP proof, in the event of an EMP will become his mobile clinic. He can charge or trade for homeopathic treatments since most hospitals and clinics may not be in operation. His plan is to grow in the trailer due to the light and solar panel he installed. They also have a bug out location about 30 miles away up some windy roads with a small cabin. In the practice evacuation, they grab go bags, hitch the trailer to the blazer and head up the road. It’s tight with the narrow roads but they get the rig to the BOL intact and ready to set up the clinic.

The GOOD and the BAD


  • 2 years of food stored
  • Hoophouses for producing food and medicines
  • 125k gallons of water stored
  • fuel storage
  • EMP proof vehicles
  • Business ready to sell or trade services
  • Family support
  • Alternative medicine
  • Faraday cage trashcan
  • Bug Out location
  • Alternate power with Solar and Generator


  • No real defenses
  • No real security at home or BOL
  • Trailer not EMP proof


  • First off, I LOVE what he is doing. This is how you prep. Water, Food, Fuel, Power systems. Hoophouses producing food and medicinal plants. Food stored to help the gardening. Solar and Generator, power to go! Water up the Wazoo, good god that a lot of storage. There is not much I find them doing wrong but puzzling are a couple of things.
  • I doubt the trailer is EMP proof. A Faraday cage is EMP proof and consists of a metal structure with NO OPENING whatsoever. I doubt the floor is metal, probably wood. Windows are a no no for sure. The trash can he has IS a bonafide cheap Faraday cage. No openings, all metal to metal contact on the lid. I think he should take a second look at this.
  • The Truck being EMP proof is correct if he has the old point ingntion and no microprocessors. The alternator would be shot as well, so get a generator to replace it with. I like the truck for sure!
  • I don’t see any defense, other than the recurve bows. In a true EMP situation and depending on severity, it could be months for things to improve at all. You WILL encounter hostility. If you go into town with a working truck, trailer to do business, you lay yourself wide open to attack. Who wouldn’t want a WORKING vehicle? So no firearms or practice. My guess is that he follows a different trail and does not believe in them, but that’s just a guess. I would protect that daughter of mine with everything I had, but that’s just me….
  • Security. If your not possessed to own firearms, why not have passive security to give you time to get away? You gotta do something. Probably for me the two biggest holes are defense and security, otherwise he has this thing nailed!
  • Lastly, I am not sure why they left the house for the BOL. They had everything at the house and not much at the BOL. I would think of staying where I am since it is very rural and with security and defense, you could live almost as normally as you do now. Dave has so many things in place, I would never leave it, except when they pry my cold dead hands….
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