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Doomsday Preppers – August 27, 2013


This week, we again have 3 preppers, one I love and the other two need work.

First up is Jason, his wife and son Jacob. Jason is preparing for a major Solar Event that will cripple the nation and create civil unrest. Born in Alabama Jason is very at home in the woods. At age 19, he and his brother almost froze to death on an outdoor adventure, he swore then that he would be more prepared next time. He is now teaching his son Jacob outdoor skills that will help him when these times come.

jason johns

His philosophy of two is one and one is none is one he follows with everything. Looking at the pantry, he has 1,000 meals and 300 gallons of water. Most of the meals appeared to be ramen noodles and rice. He was going to show his son how to make bullets for muzzleloaders from wheel weights. They make a nice 50cal slug from some weights and try it out. Jason is big on primitive skills. His 10-C’s list of items in his bag are: Compass, Cordage, Candling Device, Cargo Tape, Cutting Tool, Container, Combustible Device, Cotton Bandana, Canvas Needle and Covering. A gun was added, but he’s no sure what C that is.

Now it is time to take his son Jacob into the woods and see if he has learned enough to earn his right of passage. They go into the woods with their Bag of C’s and get to work building a shelter and setting some snares. Much arguing goes about the snares but they get it done, one neck snare does end up with a rabbit in it. So they start a fire from the Rope Match (combustible device) and then cook up some rabbit. Jason then hands his son one of the bullets they made together and pronounces his rite of passage complete.

The GOOD and the BAD:


  • 6 months of food they have is a great start
  • Water is good for short term
  • Primitive skills are a great asset.

The BAD:

  • The food they stored is mainly rice and noodles. There is no protein stored.
  • There is no resupply for food other than hunting, there was no garden for growing replacement foods. Stored food would last 3 people about 3 months. Then what?
  • Water stored is just over two months for two or a month and a half for three.
  • Water in the creek was noted by “the experts” as great and a ready supply. Problem is that water needs to be purified. There is always someone upstream.
  • Muzzleloaders are not great for defense.
  • Other defensive skills or plan was not apparent.
  • Running into the woods to live once the food runs out, is not a plan.
  • I would also like to know….where is Jason’s wife on this?

In SUMMARY:  I think the food preps are inadequate. If you have to shelter in place for any reason, where is the protein, the variety in food. Even those who just store rice and beans, will find that diet hard to stay with. We need variety in the diet. No real defense seemed apparent, no communications but animals sounds and not sure how the wife feels about this. Seems like maybe she is not an active participant in the plan. I do like his primitive skills, I think he can live in the woods longer than most. The general rule of two is one and one is none is generally understood as: three is one and two is none, he must be on a budget…..

Next up is Brian and Shela Moffatt. Brian and Shela live in Arizona with their 7 kids and are preparing for Runaway Inflation follwed by civil unrest. They home school their children but not with the state school system mandated testing results in mind. They teach their children the basics but also add real life to the education. They teach economics, geography along with self defense (Krav Maga) and firearms. All of the kids have Gillie suits and know how to conceal themselves, they also understand why. 

Shooting pistols are for the kids 10 years and up. All kids participate in self defense classes with full contact, all out defense attacks. They do a mock drill for a home invasion while “dad” is away. Their son works with dad to make some early warning from soda cans. Then the son don’s his suit and goes to an OP and waits. The intruder shows up and is spotted by the boy who pulls on a wire that rattles the cans. The alarm has sounded. The family reacts quickly with one daughter taking point. She barks at the intruders like a drill sergeant on steroids, it is simply great!

The GOOD and the BAD:


  • The water seems ok, at least that’s what’s described to us, we never see it.
  • Training for the whole family is outstanding.
  • They are living the self sufficient life.
  • Family is the center of their preps.

The BAD:

  • The idiots at Nat Geo never show their preps, they are to fixated on the kids.
  • Of what we saw, the water looked like it needed more capacity of storage.
  • The “experts” described the food as good, not sure if I believe anything they say.
  • More site security. I think their response training is great but it’s the detection before the threat gets to your door.

In SUMMARY:  I like this family, a lot! I think instead of seeing what Uncle Sam is going to do for them, they are doing for themselves. Something we need to keep in mind. They also made the family the center of preps, not the support factor. We seem to put the event ahead of the family and this changes how we view those around us. I have to agree with Brian’s laughing at “the experts”. Those so called experts are idiots, I cannot figure out from week to week what in the hell they are talking about. Brina and Shela, keep it up and sorry if I screwed up your name Shiela, Shela, Sheila…..

A final note: Mike and Shela have a training business, I would train with these guys any day. Here is a like so give em a call:

Last up are Mike and Grayson. Now we move on to Mike and Grayson. Two 20 somethings that are damn sure that World War 3 is just over that hill. Mike had 3 years in the Navy and Grayson had 3 years at a Buddist Monestary, they are complete opposites.  They got this idea that they would move from the city to a 100 acre farm owned by Mikes father Larry. Their plan is to be 100% self reliant and make the farm this complete ecosystem. It’s a great idea….

They build a cold from wood and glass and a chicken tractor as well. Now that’s part of an ecosystem! Then Nat Geo describes “Permaculture”….try again guys. So Mike since he is ex Navy does well with firearms, the monk, does not. So they decide to put booby traps all over the 100 acres for defense. They set up a dead fall with spikes and hit a watermelon…. get a toe tag for the melon please!

Then we get a look at their food supply after being on the farm for 6 months. It’s total sum is 20 jars of preserved something in glass jars. At this point, only 1/16 of an acre are under farming. They then feel they need more community so they throw a party “frat style” with their friends to get future members of their ….. monastery.

The GOOD and the BAD:


  • Growing food is always good.
  • Animals increase everything, not only food but wasted and the natural effects they have on the land.
  • Water seemed available.
  • Handy with building things.
  • Drive. The will to keep moving forward even though it’s easier to give up.

The BAD:

  • Food, or should I say the lack of it.
  • I know folks who only have 1/16 of an acre and are KILLING it with food production. Come on boys!
  • Chickens, eggs?
  • Water storage. I did not see any. Don’t depend on just a well.
  • Any defense. Primitive booby traps won’t cut it.
  • Communications. Well they don’t have radios and they are polar opposites.
  • How does Larry feel when he stumbles into a booby trap?

In SUMMARY:  I commend these kids for trying this. I don’t think they understand the work it will take to make this work. A farm is a daily commitment to the land and the animals. They are such polar opposites, I cannot imagine them agreeing on much. And that means getting little done. If push comes to shove, Grayson will chant for the bad things to go away and Mike will meet it head on. He WILL be flying without a wing man and that means certain doom. My suggestion is get a full time mentor or go back to the frat house.

And finally, I would ask that NatGeo get their head out of their ass. Get the description of Permaculture right. We don’t mimic nature, we use what nature already does. And it’s not just a “human environments” it’s “the environment.

I also wonder why the “experts” would even suggest a “Saferoom” to kids who can barely clean their own room now? Are you kidding? Why would they do a safe room when they don’t have food or water stored, they are not raising food and they have no defense? OH, it’s so they can go hide when things get rough, you guys are morons in my book. How did their water storage get to 14 and their food to 10? OMG! I gotta wrap duct tape around my head before it explodes….



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