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Doomsday Preppers – August 20th 2013



One is over the top, second is not very funny and the last one can sure haggle!

First up is Steve H from Washington State.  Steve lives in a track home area, neighbors 6′ away kind of place. That house has an alarm system, video cameras, traps and guns by Steve’s admission. So it sounds like he is secure. Steve along with his wife and 2 sons are onboard with prepping for The Economic Collapse of the United States.

Steve believes that the United States must change how it does things and stop dolling things like “Entitlements“. That if they did this, the US would be fine, it’s just those damn people who think they are owed everything for free….. So Steve has decided to stop all family functions such as soccer, church and any social type events to train for the coming collapse. He knows that roving bands will be roaming the streets taking “their entitlements” from anyone they can. As Steve put it, “anyone who knows what I know, would behave in a similar manner”.

Steve H

So Steve bought a bug-out location about 50 miles away in a National Forest. Built a very small cabin to live in and also built a 14X14 bunker to store all of his provisions, including the camera ready pails of Wise Food perched on the shelf. The bunker has a concrete floor, walls and roof. Door is steel that would stop most small arms. According to Steve, he will never live in a bunker. The house had mostly canned food and the bug out location has both. There is no stored water to speak of which would would concern me. They took one room at their home, put in shelves and loaded em up with gear and food. This included a medical surgical kit along with a dental kit. Steve mentioned that he glued one of his teeth back in with that kit.

Steve sets prepper goals for his family. Steve reminded all that “This is not fun and games, it could save our lives”! Weekends are not spent at the bug-out location, improving the location and training. So they meet up with some kids who he describes as real good shooters near the bug-out location. Parking at an alternate location, they check the first concealed cache and when satisfied that it was safe and secure, move out toward the bug out location. The plan is to use the additional kids as roving patrols. Once at the bug out location, they return to get the vehicles.

Now at the bug out location, they begin training. The scenario is that the roving hoards are running their gate (which is a single lightweight chain between two posts). They also have their 8 year old behind a plastic picnic table ready to shoot the cardboard and Tannerite models. So the plan is to get the horde into a choke point at the gate and use gunfire to stop the vehicle and then set off a massive Tannerite charge in the road to disable their vehicle. And they use a LOT of Tannerite, a 5 gallon bucket full. The plan works and their 8 year old kills the bad guys, one son takes out the vehicle with the 50 cal and others just shoot the hell outta everything else.

The GOOD and the BAD:


  • Food at both locations seems adequate. They do have more than WISE food.
  • Arms and ammo is well done.
  • Bug Out Location cabin is small but adequate for just the family.
  • The Tannerite, used right could be a force multiplier and serve in the most dire circumstances.

The BAD:

  • Water. No real stored water at either location. This is a must. The rule of threes has this ahead of food.
  • Let’s not use plastic tables as cover. It’s concealment at best.
  • Kids need more than prepping to be complete members of society. Soccer, church…..
  • Cabin is not large enough for all.
  • Being so close to a paved road.
  • Entry gate and entry area. This needs the most work of all to keep anyone safe.
  • Low cost perimeter alarms that will signal when someone (breaks a beam) on a simple driveway alarm.
  • In my opinion, Steve falls into a category of “Entitlement Haters”. They blame everything on the government handing out freebies and if that stopped, everything would be fine. It’s more complicated than that….We need to pay attention to the ASSCLOWNS we send to the District of Criminals!

In Summary:  I think that their plans are great, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. First, why does the 8 year old have toys, those serve no prepping purpose. Following your pattern, you should take those away as well. Every other social interaction has been removed and only some old toys remain, this is NOT good for any 8 year old. Steve’s family is right, it is having an negative affect on the kids. You are also asking him to make the decision to kill someone. Now it may come to that but just think about this IS affecting him.

Next, the gate. A light chain will not do. You need a solid gate and entry system to effectively create that “choke point”. A manual such as this: fema426, will give you thoughts on gates and barricades and general threat mitigation. The gate and entry area must be treated as a car bomb attack in Iraq. Barricaded slow and stop traffic as YOU dictate. Keeping the attack slow and confused gives you time to repel without setting off huge explosions that will be heard for miles.

Finally, I would like to remind all of us that prepping is not just to stay alive, but LIVE when times are bad. Remember to celebrate and enjoy life now. If all we do is live in the dark side, we never recognize the light when we see it. Play a round of golf, kids play soccer and wrastle with other kids, and yes your wife needs her hair done!

Next up is David Appleton from Charleston SC.  David is preparing for a catastrophic earthquake that will bring about social unrest. Being a comedian, David finds humor in most things and uses it in his act. He is concerned about the 4 earthquakes this year and 6 the year before. He considers himself a re-purposer of materials found in the trash or discarded by others. He used a tarp found in a dumpster with some paint and screen to make a camo tarp. He also creates a Rickshaw from PVC and uses that to collect materials he finds.

David AppletonAt his current home, he and his wife have 72 hours of water and food. They also have a green house where they grow some food. They have a pontoon boat which is their bug out vehicle. Given there is water around them, their thought of getting away from the shore would keep them safe from the hoards. David rigged up a water catchment for rain water to store for drinking and such, worked quite well. The tarp he painted in camo is used to cover up the top and sides from view and hiding the pontoon boat somewhat.

The GOOD and the BAD:


  • They have water stored at their house, it appeared to be for more than 72 hrs.
  • Food was of course….WISE and what they grow along with canned goods. Enough for 72 hrs.
  • Great Attitude. Attitude give you altitude. In aviation and life, that means everything.
  • Creates things on the cheap. Very resourceful and his ego does not get in the way. Tough for men.

The BAD:

  • Water on the boat seemed minimal. The water they sail through may or may not be usable.
  • Food on the boat. You need much more stored to see you through since you will not really grow anything on substance.
  • Defense. I don’t see anything that resembled firearms, bow and arrow or even a slingshot.
  • Fishing gear, didn’t see any.
  • Cooking fuel. Not sure they have adequate stove and fuel for cooking and purifying.
  • The open layout of the boat does not give them much shelter from the elements.
  • Fuel for the boat, need more stored to keep going.
  • Very much a target from shore. Rifles can really reach out and touch you, or your pontoons…..

In Summary:  I think their attitude is huge in getting down the road. David is a scrounger and those type folks seems to just keep hanging around. I wish they had a stronger defense, for their sake. South Carolina is listed 24th in the US for the most earthquakes. In looking at possibilities and probabilities, a massive earthquake IS possible, but NOT probable. If they use the boat, let’s hope for a large lake with very secluded coves where they are out of observation.

Last up is Suzanne and her companion Dave.  Suzanne has a 30 acre mountain retreat in Northern CA, seem like we see a lot of that these days. They have animals and gardens for food and ecosystem management. Water storage is a 9,000 gallon water storage tank supplied from a well next to it. She is preparing for an economic collapse that will have bartering as an everyday way of doing business. She looks at herself as a “Lifestyle Prepper” vs a “Doomsday Prepper”. She spins wool and makes items from it and has chickens and of course their eggs to barter as well. Given the wooded area, she also has some limited amount of firewood as well.


She was looking at bartering for rice and found someone who wanted to do that. It was hulled still so she would have to remove hulls before it’s a marketable commodity, but she was willing to do that. Since she has a huge garden, she wanted to preserve and was going to have a dehydrator built. The commercial ones are quite expensive (correct there) and wanted to build one for less and by bartering for materials and labor. She did both. From a junk yard, she got an old refrigerator and traded for that. Then she had someone that owed here labor and she called that voucher in. So she ended up with a working dehydrator for no cash out of pocket.

So now we get to the subject of defense. She is a pacifist and will not kill or severly hurt anyone, but she will defend herself with less than lethal means. So this comes down to something like Krav Maga or a weapon. She looked at weapons with a gentlemen from a Surplus Store and he gave her some options. Stun gun, which means you have to be close or something to keep some distance. He suggested a paintball marker with the speed turned all the way up. Speeds at paintball arenas are generally kept under 250fps and you have to crono your marker before the match. At 400fps, I can tell you it really frikin hurts. Having played myself with high quality markers, this is not a toy and can cause injury, especially if you have no face protection. So she gives it a try and it looks like the perfect fit.

The GOOD and the BAD:


  • She has a great setup to produce food by garden and livestock, with plenty left over to barter with.
  • She is bartering now, before it gets nasty so she has folks that will know here when she needs them.
  • Water is great at 9,000 gallons.
  • She lives her life while being a prepper. Perfect description of a “Lifestyle Prepper”.
  • Defense is limited to her basic beliefs and I can’t fault that at all. She stands on her beliefs.

The BAD:

  • I might think about a solar pump for the well. That would reduce her utility costs.
  • Defense. I think she may be underestimating the horror that bandits can create.
  • Added fencing, gate upgrade and maybe more to deter trespassers.

In Summary:  I can’t find much wrong with what she is doing. I frankly don’t agree with her attitude toward self defense, but I do respect her right to live her life the way she see’s it. Her food production is outstanding. I think the “practical preppers” wanted to see more WISE buckets on her shelf, oh well and they harped on her water supply, geezzz guys, go get a life. I wish her the best and if she keeps on doing what she’s doing, we could all use a lesson from her on haggling!

I don’t know if you have looked around, but there are so many options with paintball markers ammo in the less than lethal catagory. From rubber balls to pepper filled, it’s all out there. I think I need to do a post on the use of Markers…..





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2 responses on “Doomsday Preppers – August 20th 2013

  1. Mljones says:

    Steve is a nut job. He is indoctrinating his children to be capable of murder. He reminds me of Randy Weaver who was a white supremacist who got his wife and son killed. Steve is exactly the kind of guy who shouldn’t be armed with anything more dangerous than a rubber band.

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