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Doomsday Preppers Are Back


So……I wondered what this season would be like, just took in the first episode myself.

My reservations came after I met with Discovery producers at the Self Reliance Expo last October. They were looking for people to audition for the show. The had a little ad-hock set for doing test video of people and it was interesting talking with them. They are definitely about “Entertainment Factor” when selecting people. I do think they also want a cross section of  prepper’s for variety alone.

Well that’s what they got and I have to say, I didn’t mind the show so much, lets see whatthe next few shows look like. I did like the 3 prepper’s on episode 1, it was diverse as was their reason for prepping. Because prepping “Is Personal”, different opinions go with the territory. As you watch the show, keep in mind the variety of ideas. Ideas are the building blocks that form the direction you will go. Specific events will have specific preps and your direction will morph as you go.

The first group I thought had their opinion for prepping, not entirely mine, but theirs. They had some great ideas that because of their direction, created new Ideas which spawned new contraptions. Having several windmills and solar arrays to create multiple power sources was perfect. Remember the adage, two is one and one is none. Keep that in mind as you prep.

Now the second person was more what I would call the “Wild Craft” prepper. They will live off the land, barter and get by. The person was genuine and if anyone could pull that off, he probably can. Again, not my direction entirely but His for sure. I did like his thought into his “Bug Out Bag” which he called something different, lending again to prepping being individual and your perspective. I liked that he knew so many plants which will only serve him well.

Now the last gal, was interesting. Her perspective was one you do hear about, Peak Oil being a huge problem. I do think she has a point on the oil thing, we have been going to war over it throughout history. She had two packs, which I advocate, some stores and a plan. Only by putting her plan “to the test” did she find the flaws and start working on the solutions. It shows that a plan alone is just that….alone. You must test your preps and learn the good the bad and yes, the ugly. Trial and error pave the way for success.

They mentioned at the beginning this was a sweeping theme across the country. I agree, it is and it’s about time. Now yours and mine viewpoints will agree and not agree as to how to prep. Our life experiences, age, sex, politics and occupation will all play a part in what we find most important and what we do to preserve it. That’s the beauty in prepping, you can go in hard like the first group or take you time like our Wild Craft Prepper, Its up to us to decide.

Please feel free to comment on your thoughts about the show!

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