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Doomsday Prepper Review – January 22, 2013


This week had 3 preppers, all with very different approaches to say the least. From the reasonable to the spirit world!

First off is Lindsay and her husband Ray. Living in Ogden Utah, she hosts a talk show called “Talk Dirt” on the local radio station. Both are preparing for the collapse of the world agriculture system and the ensuing unrest and loss of the rule of law. She is a huge vege gardener, growing, canning and dehydrating for their stores. She is a huge advocate for self sufficient gardening. It was her opinion that if the world food system fails, we only have 3 days of food left. Ray is a former Marine so he handles security and defense. They have taken all plants outside their home and planting only items that they can eat. Raised beds rule the backyard!

vegegardenlayoutThey have set up a bug out location about 1 hour driving distance with small cabins, water well and stores onsite. At this point they said they have 4 years of food with more food at their house in town. One large rocket stove outside during good weather for cooking and general heating. Ray has set up a group to gather when this event happens. they have weapons, communications and OPSEC in place to achieve this. During this episode, they interview and test one pair of potential group additions, they seemed to do well. They both feel that what they are doing with respect to food is what their ancestors would do, nothing really new back then but something we have gotten away from now.


The Good and the Bad! There are few preppers that I take my hat off to, these two get two gold stars, just frikin wow!

The Good:

  • Growing and preserving so much food that they have 4+ years is just outstanding! They continue to do renewable food and that is one key that most preppers miss out on. The focus on storing up but not the resupply.
  • Water. Well at the bugout means they rely on no city or county supply or a damn community well.
  • Security. Well Ray has this done very well. Communications, tactics and OPSEC in place means they can stand the fight.
  • A good team, whether that is family, friends or selected individuals, can be a key to long term survival.

The Bad:

  • I see a small hole in security. The main gate seemed to flimsy and would need to be shored up once at the rabbit hole.
  • Water storage. A private well is perfect but if something should fail, stored water will see you through the short term until a solution to the pump is in place an operational.
  • Gardens at the bug out. I did not see anything so I don’t know if it’s in place, but it should be built now, not later.
  • She mentioned that if the system should collapse, there would be 3 days of food left. Don’t agree here. Most every grocery store has at any one time, 3 days of food on hand using “just in time” style of inventory. However the distribution centers have huge supplies on hand and would resupply for at least a couple of weeks. But after that, spotty resupply at best.

All in all, these guys have their shit wired right! The home approach now to grow and store is priceless. Most preppers are overlooking the food resupply. Some have elected to take what they need, these people will have a short shelf life, somebody will put a bullet in em! The bugout location and setup is excellent. I don’t care what the “Experts” say, they are ready!

Next up is Jim D. Jim lives in Orange County, a suburb of southern CA. He is preparing for the destruction of the world wide power grid by terrorists. Jim has build arguably the ultimate survival truck. Starting out with a 1980 Chevy Truck, he stripped it down and built living quarters, a command center, roof top platform and tons are area to carry fuel and water.

BohemithTruckHe has spent almost 300 thousand dollars creating it. Then another 60 thousand to add remote cameras tied to the command center. It can carry 150 gallons of gasoline and propane, which the engine can run on either. The inner core is a conventional cab over camper strapped down with 1/2″ plate steel protecting most of it. Locking storage boxes along the sides and a camo cover from the upper deck that also hides any thermal signature to hide the truck further.

Part of Jim’s plan is to leave Orange County if the power fails. Knowing that this area is one of the worst place to try and get out of, he has been putting caches out along multiple routes to use during the exit. Each cache has items such and first aid, C-Rats, firearms and misc other items. He has identified multiple public bug out locations since he has no idea which ones will be viable. He has stored 2 years of freeze dried food and 150 gallons of water on the truck. His plan is to resupply the water and hunt and fish for more food. His plan is for the truck to service 15 people without breaking a sweat.His line during the review is that “I will last forever”.

The Good and the Bad:

The Good:

  • This is one of the best mobile platforms to move around, well equipped for the journey.
  • Dual fuel, either propane or gasoline is outstanding.
  • Cache’s are great and has covered many routes and bug out locations.
  • He has include his family in the plan.

The Bad:

  • Being mobile means running into more trouble.
  • Mobility gives the attackers the high ground, you don’t know the area like they do.
  • Cameras don’t stop bullets, they attract them.
  • There are areas of the truck that seem venerable to gunfire, like the vents for the camper on the left side.
  • Where do 15 people sleep? Maybe 6 in the camper if you know everyone well….. No way on 15.
  • 15 people would use up the water supply in 5 days, so resupply every 5 days?
  • I don’t think the thermal covers do much for the truck. Most people will not have thermal imaging equipment, only LEO and Government would have that capability.
  • The money spent on the cache’s could be used for a bug out location and a solid plan of evac.
  • Jim mentioned that the Chevy would not be susceptible to EMP. True about computers and electronics but the points and condensor could be affected. Small price to keep a couple of spare sets.
  • Are the tires bullet proof?
  • If Jim waits until the power has failed to leave, that may be an impossibility.

As you can probably gather, I am no fan of bug out mobile. It paints a bulls-eye on your back. The truck could be a great recon and recovery vehicle but for 300k I would go low profile on the vehicle and have a kick ass bug out location. A bug out location is a camp out for the family until the SHTF, and then it’s where you want to be.

Next up are Amanda and Scott. They are preparing for a Comet hitting the planet. Now this is one of the strangest stories they have had and I think there is so much the show did not tell us. But apparently Amanda had a vision from an apparition called “GRETA: that: “they are to leave Florida and become preppers”. So Amanda tells Scott this is what we are doing and they are to look for a place at 3,000 ft altitude. spiritwomanThe find this place in the Great Smokey Mountains. It’s a 51 room, shitload of sq ft, Ham radio Tower, 2-5,000 gallon water storage tanks, Solar panels, greenhouse and enough stored food to choke a horse. 5 gallon buckets out the wazooo under the house and in the storage buildings. A preppers wet dream basically. They name it “The Paragon Jewel”.

So they jump in a become preppers, starting with what Greta or someone left them at the house to start. They meet the neighbors and become friends, that’s where they get their shotgun, their first firearm. At least Amanda did not freak out about it, she seemed to accept is as meant to be…. Part of what Greta has told them is that they are to “Open the House to Survivors of the Comet”. They plan to take in all when the comet hits and take care of them. To get directions on what to do next, Amanda channels writings from Greta whenever they come. Now Amanda has two boys, teenagers that live in Ireland and just happening to be visiting.… But they don’t know the truth, that they have become “preppers” and they are going to have to tell them, OMG!. Sorry, I am trying to hold it together here. The finally have to tell them when the shotgun arrives, they must know something is up. The older boy thinks they are foolish and the younger thinks in cool “to be ready for things”. I think the younger kid has it going on!

Now the Good and the Bad:

The Good:

  • This is an amazing house in a great location.
  • The existing food stores are things we as preppers dream of.
  • Two water storage tanks, ham radio tower and greenhouse, wow.
  • Great neighbors. You can’t pick your neighbors but these two seem great.

The Bad:

  • As beginning preppers, they need to learn and get a mentor. Someone that can help them down the road and does not appear in the mirror…
  • Firearms training. Lots of it. They did not even know how to operate a shotgun, they have a ways to go.
  • Gardening. There was an empty greenhouse but no garden. That would be next. You can only live on hard red winter wheat and rice so long. You must supplement your stores with fresh.
  • Security. They need to get training on this, setup their OP-SEC protocols and train.
  • Communications would be helpful, that place is big. We have 10 acres and we use radios regularity.
  • Gathering the flock. This is a security nightmare. One wrong choice and you are dead. You would need to set something up ahead of time and vet everyone.
  • A comet, however unlikely may create a problem with the earths electrical charge and create a minor EMP. So harden off what you can.

So the “Experts” gave them 10 months, are you kidding? I think with what they have in place, they could stumble by for 2 years. That was a gigantic amount of food for two and commercially packaged. Water is a non issue. I would get General Ham License and get that radio up and running. If you are going to accept refugees, you have to find them first. Would I love to have this house and property, ah….yea. Probably not the mortgage but it’s a place to look at the use some of their ideas where you are. I wish these two all the luck. Luck and hard work is what they will need.








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