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Doomsday Prepper Review – January 15th, 2013


This episode, we have 3 preppers. Two new and one joining up with a new prepper from last season’s show.

First up is Lucas Cameron, a Tennessee farmer and his wife Nicky, son Jonathan and his mom and dad. They all live at the same property in a semi rural area.The area where they live appeared to have quite a few houses in view so I assume it’s not in a more rural area. Lucas is prepping for the Global Earthquake that will come about during the bibles “End of Days” in the Book of Revelation. The story of gods wrath on the earth as written in the “Good Book”. The Farm where they live, they call “The Alamo” and they call the small group he founded the “7 Trumpet Preppers”. All of this is based on their belief in the Tribulations as predicted in the Bible but their belief is that the great earthquake will be on “The New Madrid Fault” that runs in several states around Tennessee. NewMadridFaultMap

Everyone in the group Lucas has selected for their contributions to the group. Specific people with special talents that lend to help the group as a whole. They have set up fuel from Wood Gasification to run a generator for power. They made up all of the components from items you could scrounge up yourself. They also have a homemade wind turbine to help with power.

Livestock was in abundance with goats, cows and chickens for a sustainable protein source. Of course they farmed, looking at all the canned good (mason jars) on the shelf, they put up a lot of food. They estimated their  food supply at 3.5 years for 20 people. Food was on shelves in what appeared to the basement. They have set up 2 other food caches of about 400lbs each on the farm.

Ammunition reloading was taught to all so that they could replenish stocks when needed. They had a MEC loader for shotgun and I assume single stage press for rifle and pistol cartridges.

They asked the practical preppers (company that provides services) to do a mock assault on the compound to test their defenses. A potential member (Kevin Obrien) from last years show was being featured and tested as “having the right stuff” to join the group. His job was to defend a car at a potential food transfer site shining a flashlight all over the place. I assume to defeat the PP’s use of night vision. The PP were able to infiltrate their lines and stop the food transfer. The test of Kevin seemed to go fine and he is now part of the group.

And now……The Good and the Bad:

The Good:

  • Food Storage looked excellent. 3.5 years for 20 people is nice to have.
  • 20 people in food storage meant that his group and family was included.
  • Security was good.
  • Wood gasification for power is creative and renewable.
  • Farm can also produce income if needed.

The Bad:

  •  A lot of the food storage was in Mason Jars, they need better protection from an earthquake. In a quake, the way they were stored, those would end up broken.
  • No water storage to speak of. They seemed to rely on the well only.
  • The generator is not a long term source of power. Most generators are not made to run everyday for months, it will fail. Add Solar?
  • You would need and endless supply of wood to create power.
  • No energy storage was in place. The generator should be charging battery’s to reduce load on generator.
  • I wonder about their basic premise that the end days earthquake will be the New Madrid Fault. The Bible tells of worldwide earthquakes and many other horrific events. And is the rapture before, during or at the end of tribulation. So many possible scenarios.
  • And all the practical prepper duo could come up with is…..radios and night vision. Wow, kindergartners could do better.

In summary, I wonder if someone having to make the grade and offer talents to join the group makes the group weaker. My question would be, if that person becomes injured, are they an asset to the group? When do you “let them go” because they can no longer help the group. Having multiple talents IS the way you want to go but if you are not family or a life long local friend……Things to think about.

Just a bit on Kevin Obrien. He was in last years show, moving his family who wanted nothing to do with prepping from Florida to Tennessee, prepping for a Polar Shift. I was amazed last season at how little participation and support he received from his family. I know for some, this lifestyle is different from their friends in a society that generally waits for the government to come help them out, but damn. He bought a 130 acre parcel and planned on building a house on it and making it their new homestead. I was shocked to see that the land was theirs but the house never happened. So I assume that a well for water, power installed where the house will be and putting in a 4 season road never happened as well. Damn shame, not sure why but things happen in life that change our course. So they are renting nearby and camp on their land on regular occasions. I wish they were farther along.

Homestead land

I know by our move from CA to NV that it takes time to get things re-ordered so to speak. To get in the local rhythm, meet new friends and just to get accepted in the community. I know in areas such at Tennessee and Kentucky, it can take a long time to be accepted and sometimes never at all, so that’s always a battle. I would hope that Kevin works on setting up a normal lifestyle first and work on the prepping after that. He could set up a trailer, power and well to use as a bug out location for now and work on the rest later. I hope it all works our for Kevin and the family, I really do.



Next up is Snake Blocker. Snake Blocker, after a vision from God, is prepping for a collapse of the US Economy. Snake is a Native American Apache living in Colorado. Snake served in the US Navy and owns the Blockeracademy teaching martial arts. In the episode, Snake gets on his Harley with his wife and goes into the mountains of Colorado. He has his homemade bow and arrows and a knife. He eats ants and cactus, which she won’t eat and finally shoots a rabbit with the bow. Water was drinking through survival straws in puddles (and glad to have it). When they needed a fire for the rabbit, he makes up a bow-drill and makes a fire. A special point was made out of eating the eyes….never saw that one coming.



Well let’s just jump in here. I applaud Snake for his service to our country, I critique the story, not the service. Nat Geo must have put this one in for viewership alone. It contained nothing that helped me be more prepared or gave me ideas on options during a survival situation. So lets jump with the Good and the Bad.



The Good:

  • Nice Harley
  • Yes, they do make survival straws.

The Bad:

  • No water storage or even a canteen.
  • Survival straws are only good for about 20 gallons and they are filters, not purifiers. They will not do anything for virus’s.
  • No food storage, just pluck it from nature….NOT
  • No fire-starter kit, at least that we saw. And Nat Geo said how effective the bow drill was…. Have you ever tried one? It’s a bitch!!!
  • No firearms, not living long in a SHTF scenario. If the economy were to collapse, you better be shootin son!
  • Wife will never eat what you will eat or drink what you drink. Most people won’t.
  • Shelter, none to be found or seen.
  • Security. If you think martial arts or a knife will save you, think again.

I’ll just stop now, I could go on forever. The problem with this is the 99% of Americans, in an emergency will not live like this. They don’t have to because they prep. The idea of the show, at least some of it is about people who prep, Snake Blocker is NOT a prepper. If he were, we would see supplies, a bug out location or bug in plans. We would see a plan of some sorts instead of running into the forest, boy I have never heard that one!! Why, other than just publicity, would Nat Geo call this guy a prepper, because he has a survival straw? What the hell is that? Enough Said, OUT!






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2 responses on “Doomsday Prepper Review – January 15th, 2013

  1. lucas cameron says:

    dont believe everthing that tv makes up. Take a look at what I really believe and have to say at my youtube channel 7trumpetsprepper and I hope you have a blessed day

    • Vic says:

      Thanks for the comment and I did look at your YouTube channel. My review was based on what I saw and I agree that TV can and is made up on several points. I have met the producers of the show and in my opinion, they would sell their mother for ratings. I don’t like what they are doing to folks who want to be prepared for events globally, nationally, regionally, locally and personally. In most situations, they show preppers as nut cases and need to use the fear in folks to get ratings. I was not trying to discourage your message, you and I have the right to believe and talk about whatever we want in this country…Thank God for that! I write about what I see that works and does not work in my opinion and since prepping is personal, that may work fine for you. My issue with scum like NatGeo is that they use folks for ratings while fitting the participant with a straight jacket. You mentioned in your comment “don’t believe everything that tv makes up”. Why do they make ANYTHING up? I looked at your site and the video that comes up shows you praising the producers. So what part of the tv is made up? I want folks to prepare for every event and none at all. To be ready to take care of themselves no matter WHAT happens, and for that you don’t prep for one specific thing. Y2k is the perfect example. We need to be showing and teaching REALITY, not TV crap like NatGEo. One thing that pissed me off so bad is that NatGeo does so many things well, why stoop to this level? Take care and may the wind be always at your back!

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