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Doomsday Prepper Review – Februrary 19th, 2013


This weeks show has two preppers from the Remotes of Alaska to the Paradise of Hawaii.

First up is Craig Compeau from Fairbanks Alaska. He is preparing for a Total Government Takeover after a World Economic Collapse. The result of this would be the implementation of Marshall Law. Being in Fairbanks is about as north as you can get without going to Prudhoe Bay. Craig’s family is all over the state, with his wife and one daughter in medical school and one daughter at home. He has been stocking up a remote wilderness location 100 miles upriver for this event. He and a friend have built a hootch called “An Intershelter”, 20′ in diameter and 12′ tall, that his friend invented. Wood, fuel, food, ammo and other supplies have all be transported to this public site in the wilderness. According to Craig, there is no dehydrated or canned food at the site, only what Alaskans eat, stuff they shoot!


The entire exit plan is based on his specially equipped jet boat, the bottom of the boat is designed to take a beating on the bottom of the hull and “jump” items in the river. The boat was impressive when he put it through it’s paces. Since I have spent time in Alaska with this style of boat, he is not kidding with what the owners put them through. You best have your game face on!  So phase 1 is to escape in the night and hike 90 minutes to where the boat is staged for use. He woke up his daughter at home, made up a go bag and they took off, she not really wanting to participate at first. They manage to get the boat launched, getting soaked in the process, which could be a death sentence depending on the time of year. They run up the river with cameras staged to “catch” the action in turns and jumps…… whatever. So they stop along the way and detonate explosives that bring down trees in the river to block anyone else from following. When they reach camp, they find a bent up trash can and blood with the bear tracks. Bears, in Alaska? LOL. They make a big deal about this, I guess to scare the TV audience.

So they check the hootch and all is grand. All gear is in good shape, now to place a lookout up a tree. So he gets a climbing tree stand and his daughter and explains that she needs to shinny 60′ up this tree. She has never used a tree stand in her life, good time to learn eh? So she climbs up the tree, then they make a plan to ambush his friend coming to meet them. His friend walks under her, she drops a tarp on em and her dad pounces on his friend like white on rice. All I could do was close my eyes and shake my head. They shake hands and exchange moose droppings, then decide to venture out to get some food. They find a moose in the river, not a good place to shoot one by the way. The daughter shoots and misses but his friend on land, gets his shot and downs the moose. I did not see them tag the moose, DFG gets pissed when you don’t up there.

Craig s opinion is that he would only trust an Alaskan Prepper (who are pro’s by the way), those preppers in the lower 48 just don’t get it. His opinion is that he would have nothing to do with any prepper that is not IN Alaska. My response to this? Craig, KISS MY ASS!

The Good and The Bad;

The Good;

  • Outdoor skills are excellent.
  • Good Shelter
  • Good stock of supplies
  • Defense is adequate
  • Nice river boat
  • Remote location

The Bad;

  • No water storage, the river can not be counted on
  • If you block your path to the retreat, how does your wife and other daughter get to you?
  • If you don’t stock can or dried foods, you only eat meat? Where did the mushrooms come from?
  • No bug out bags
  • No Garden to replenish your food for the years you are planning to stay there
  • Retreat is not on private land, no assurance that somebody else gets there first or raids your camp before you get there.
  • Can you make that trip during the Alaska Winter when there is no light?

I have traveled and hunted Alaska, at not from a Lodge or bus, on the Tundra. So I do understand that Alaska can challenge you in different ways than you are used to. But if you are prepared, hint hint, like preppers are, you get through them. So don’t tell me us lower 48ers can’t handle the truth! I just hope that your arrogance doesn’t catch up with you when YOU need something. I respect greatly what Craig has done but I believe that a man must learn humility in order to be at their best.

Next up is David Lacota from Hawaii who is planning for a Catastrophic Tsunami. 44 year old David had a vision that the Tsunami would come and that he is supposed to prepare for it. David lives on the island of Hawaii and believes that he communicates with the mystical forces of nature and give him visions and guide him. Yes Obewan…. So since there is an end to the world by a Tsunami, he asked Mutha Nature to get him a girl. Shazam, there is Rachaelle, another mystic follower. I think they grow on trees or something.


His plan is to follow Mutha Nature’s guidance and, when everyone is being advised to go inland, they will jump in their trusty Kayak “Tonto” and paddle around the island to the backside of the canyon, where they will climb 4,000 up the canyon walls to safety. After several hours of paddling, he cuts his foot and they have to find a plant to treat it. I thought Mutha might get a medic, but no way jose, we can almost hear Mutha, saying “use the plants Luke”….. He wants to push on so they stop and pray to Mutha at a waterfall to help them get to the top without dying. They fill their ONE trusty little water bottle and…they’re off. Running up the canyon barefoot with just a pair of shorts on, they are helped along by the friendly canyon monkeys that Mutha sent to cheer them on….

Stopping at the bottom of the toughest part of the climb, they stop for a water break, but they don’t have any water left from their little water bottle. OH, time to pee in the bottle and drink it, ahhh, just like a cold pepsi. Rachaelle wants nothing to do with drinking his pee, there may be hope for her yet. Being hungry, they see some red berries and decide to eat them to see if they are poison, this was beginning to look like Jonestown all over again. They start up the cliff and after several hours of climbing and slipping down the cliffs, they make it to the top. Thanking Mutha for getting them there safe, they hug and live happily ever after. THE END

So let’s do the Good and Bad real quick here!

The Good;

  • There is none

The Bad;

  • No Food
  • No Water
  • No common sense
  • No shoes, no shirt , no service
  • They are both going to die….
  • The “Experts”, “Practical Preppers have scored you and you have 3 months survival time”! Are you kidding, they don’t have 3 days, let alone 3 months. The “Experts” are as stupid as they are. Wow!

It is these episodes that make me wonder what is next? David and Rachaelle are NOT preppers. They are sun worshipers and hippies left over from the 70’s after Woodstock. Let’s not confuse these fine folks with those who prepare for their families, neighbors and community. Preppers who want to live better if nothing goes wrong and help themselves and others if it does. We don’t wear tin foil hats or talk to Mutha Nature. Maybe Mutha is in charge of the show….





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