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Doomsday Prepper Review – February 12th, 2013


This week we have two preppers or should I say….1.5

First up is Doug who is preparing for Total World Economic Collapse. Doug and his wife live in the mountains of Tennessee. Known as “The Rockman” to the area, he deals in boulders for landscape. He has seen many buildings in his local town close down and businesses move or die. His idea is to use boulders to block the nasty crowds from getting to his Bunker. Also using boulders stacked into Pillboxes to protect the bunker area and boulders stacked up in his driveway to block access to the property. His bunker is a 40′ Conex, on a concrete slab with a concrete roof. The exterior will be painted with a waterproof material to seal out moisture. The Conex purchased does not look in good shape so work is needed to make it last. In the meantime, he has put 5 gallon bucket caches around the property with enough to get through one day, covered with a boulder that can be moved for access.The Rockman

The Conex will be connected to a septic tank and water tank. The water tank will have enough water for 7 people in the Conex using 2 gallons each per day. Food supply for 7 will last 6 months and is of course…..”Wise Foods”. Fold down bunks along the walls for the 7 living there. He was building the interior, not sure what it will look like in the end. The cost of this Bunker is about $45,000 including the expensive concrete base and cover. It’s just a basic Conex, nothing special. To make the 7 persons, he added his right hand man in the business and his family, nice thing to do and benefits both. There was talk about weapons but did not see any or anything else for that matter. The other thing he does is look for silver coins in US currency by buying rolls of 1/2 dollars and looking through them. He found several with on $1k purchase of coin, not bad.

The Good and the Bad;

The Good;

  • The bunker should be a good fallback point if attacked.
  • Water storage in the bunker.
  • Food storage for 6 months with dried food
  • Planned blockage of roads and access to property.
  • Junk silver coin will help and devaluation of value

The Bad;

  • Water in the bunker for 6 months, 2 gallons per person per day. This is an absolute minimum for survival.
  • Food is only dried, no fresh.
  • No garden for food replenishment and variety.
  • Whats the plan after 6 months?
  • 7 people in a small Bunker for 6 months, not sure about that.
  • No animals for food and compost.
  • No communications for security or practicality.
  • Radios for information gathering.

What concerns me most is that his plan is haphazard. The sum of the parts does not make up a whole. Bunker, Pillbox defense, rocks to block and 6 months of food. What after that, or more importantly, does any one item have a backup or re-support? No they don’t. When the dry food runs out, then….. take what you need? Learn to garden then? They obviously intend to bug in, which I support but the preps have to complete the circle. What happens if the “event” takes longer to start or finish? What is your “Life” like at that point? You can cut off most property access but you then have to be more self sufficient. Food, water storage, security, communications have to mutually support each other and his plan does not. Maybe once he gets the Bunker done and pillboxes built, he will look at the rest of the equation.

Next up is Jeff Flaningam who lives in Wisconsin and is preparing for a Total Catastrophic Economic Collapse. Jeff purports to be a man of fast cars, boats and of course, fast women. I guess that’s why he’s single. I am not sure why this even got on the show, other than they needed a prepper dating story. I will not waste many pixels on this one. Jeff lives in Wisconsin, gets worried about the debt, buys missile silo 800 miles away and then does nothing with it. Tries to get a local girlfriend in Kansas where the Silo is but he still lives in Wisconsin….I am getting a headache. JeffSiloman

He finds a girl and has her meet him at the county road where the gate up to the silo is and then blindfolds her. First dates always want to get blindfolded….at least the ones you pay to. She is not comfortable with this but I am sure the “Producer” of the show says “It’s ok honey” and she jumps in. So they drive up the road to the silo and he takes her in to look at it. She must have gotten thirsty so he rappels down to get her a drink of water, then filters it through some sand. Hmmmm goood. Why kind of idiotic crap is this?


The good and the Bad;

The good;

  • Jeff is still single.
  • Jeff has a piece of crap silo 800 miles from where he lives.

The Bad;

  • God, where do I start?
  • Water needs not only a filter but purifier, water that stands and does not move is always suspect.
  • No food stored.
  • The PP’s actually gave him points for having a shelter…what shelter?
  • No door on his silo….buy a door dumbshit
  • 800 miles from where he lives.
  • Silo has no power
  • No blowtorches in the hallway please.
  • No communications
  • No defense plan

I just think the producers of this show are idiots. Why put this guy through this or for that matter, did Jeff really want to be shown as THE LONELY PREPPER? The “Experts” gave him quite a few points, for what? They have been more critical of others than this guy and I find they have no set standards, they must just make shit up on evaluations and miss the reasonableness check. Good luck to Jeff and shame on the producers of the Practical Preppers for doing this kind of thing.





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2 responses on “Doomsday Prepper Review – February 12th, 2013

  1. Tina says:

    I agree with your assessment of the last one; for that is the only one I was able to see. I am losing interest in this show for several reasons.

    • Vic says:

      Tina, I just cannot get over how desperate the producers are getting. I agree with you, I cannot watch many more shows like that.

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