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Doomsday Prepper Review – December 18th, 2012.


Looks like this show dealt with getting outta New York City!

I think that’s where they get that Pace Picante sauce. So three preppers with different reasons and only one thing in common, get out while the gettin’s good. Problem is, they really don’t! Now the thing here is that when 9-11 happened, all of the bridges out of the city were shutdown within 36 minutes of the event. So nobody was going anywhere, same thing will probably happen again depending on the incident. With 8 million people in the City and 30 million in the immediate area, the mess a large scale evacuation would create, we have never seen. The damage and injuries from such an exodus would be so large that hospitals and clinics would be overrun immediately. The repairs to public property and transportation would take weeks to get back online.

So first up is Cameron Moore, medical student in Brooklyn and he is preparing for the Indian Point Nuclear Plant demise. Cameron is planning to walk out of the city and across the Hudson in an inflatable boat. He hired a trainer/advocate to help him, Aton Edwards, a member of the International Preppers Network. With the Nuclear plant 35 miles north, it’s close enough to be a concern quickly and at 40 years of age, it’s older building standards compared to now and also adds to the concern. Now his plan was to be on foot with a bug out bag, he does not believe in violence so defending himself will take some personal soul searching.


Next up is Margaret Ling, a local gal living in Harlem. She is preparing for a catastrofic hurricane that causes mass evacuations, damage and loss of life locally that she plans to get out and go to the mountains. She has enlisted a trainer and advocate in Matan Gavish who is an instructor in Krav Maga. KM is the official personal defense system used by Israel. It is a very good system and recommend it especially to women. She typically walks to work so personal protection is a very good tool to have. So Matan is helping with the route and practical use of an “exit strategy” in her journey to the mountains. She is heading for the GW bridge as her escape off the island.


Last up is Jay who did not want to use his last name. We see his face and where he works but no last name, whatever. He is preparing for another terrorist attack similar to 9-11 but with a Dirty Bomb. His concern is the mass hysteria and panic that will come after the attack causing his family to be in jeopardy. He hired a trainer and advocate to help him and his family exit the city and go the “The Hamptons”, where they have a summer home. He has spent 5k on supplies to keep at work since that is where he feels he will be at the time of an attack. He plans to walk from his office, home to get his wife and kids and then drive out of the area. So his “trainer” looks at his bug out bag and says he does not need most of the things in the bag including first aid kit…etc. He walks with Jay out of the area and along the way teaches him a couple of primitive survival skills.


So in review of these, I am going to group them together since the all have common issues. First, I want to commend them all for getting a trainer, an advocate that will help them with what they don’t know. It’s hard for people, especially men to ask for help when they should. Here are some common things I saw that were right and wrong.

The Right!

  • The foresight to see an issue, understand it’s possible affect on them and taking action.
  • Getting help with the tools and knowledge to get the mission accomplished.
  • Making the commitment to training, learning and using trial and error to learn now, not later.
  • Hurricanes happen, Sandy is one example!

The Wrong!

  • Jay was walking in hard sole shoes and work attire. If you have a bug out bag, use appropriate clothing.
  • None had a damned bicycle. In a city like NY, it should be mandatory. Speed is everything to an exit and if you walking out, your dead. If they close the bridges in 36 minutes, you will never make it. A bike would make an exodus from a danger area quick when faster runners than you, do exist. The bike can carry BOB items, furnish light and help with shelter. This was a major faux pas.
  • Where did the inflatable boat come from? Was that a remote cache?
  • No remote caching if items. There are places that could offer a cache point so that you could resupply along the way and not carry everything. Water is one cache item, don’t take time to filter water!!! That’s just stupid.
  • Primitive skills have a place, but we need street skills here. Doing everything with a hanky is not practical. For instance, it was mentioned that a handkerchief could be used for first aid including a sling. What if you have multiple woulds to treat and need a sling? As for the sling, the average size of a handkerchief is 16″ to 18″ square , the size of a typical sling is 36X36.
  • 2 way radios are great, we use them. But understand that they are mostly line of sight and range is dramatically reduced by buildings, and what do we have in a city when your 20 blocks from your other radio? FEMA radios? FEMA uses HF and VHF radios in systems that are “Trunked”, they did not have “FEMA ” style radios. I have no idea what they were trying to say about having FEMA radios…..
  • And come on, Jay was riding in a Bug Out Vehicle? Not hardly.
  • A dirty bomb is one of the last things a terrorist wants to use. They want immediate large scale deaths, blood and guts on the street and huge amounts of damage. Dirty bombs kill few at first but many over years.

In conclusion, they all need to do more but above all think about bugging in. If you can’t get out in that 36 min window, don’t put yourself in harms way now. Wait out the crowd and then decide to move. Move to a better location that will make the “run over the bridge” easier. They need to be more mobile, bicycles. Because Lisa and I are both private pilots, we have two of the small collapsible bikes that we would put in the plane, so when we got somewhere, we were mobile again. I think in the first run of the scenario, they all lost. Better training, more preps and more planning “outside the box” will help get them ready for the real thing.



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2 responses on “Doomsday Prepper Review – December 18th, 2012.

  1. I thought that was 1 of the worst Doomsday prepper shows yet. If you are so afraid of something happening New York would be the last place to you would want to live.

    • Vic says:

      We are on the same page here!! New Yuck City, no thanks. But for god’s sake, get mobile. They are trying to react to a crisis the way ALL new yorkers would, hail a cab, walk or take the damn subway. I would never live there or in any big city, shit goes south to fast in a place like that to make it out.

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