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Display of the American Flag


Can we get this right in our country? In my travels for work, I often see businesses and homes that display the flag incorrectly. On the FREE INFO page, I have posted a PDF of 4 Unites States Code, Section 1 which sets the bar for flag presentation.

So you might think, “why all the trouble over this”? For me, it’s our country’s symbol of freedom and Liberty, things most people don’t want to think about and give it less that passing curiosity. I have corrected many large corporations and businesses, most want to get it right once it’s pointed out but some, think of the flag as advertising. I have seen McDonald’s fly a tattered American Flag and their corporate flag underneath. This is in violation of 4USC and it’s just tacky, this country’s symbol is not your ad banner!

We need to take some ground back from the pacifists who would have us “pay that no mind and stop being silly”, makes my blood boil.  So how do you stand?

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