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Did you see Japan? What do we do to be prepared?



This is the reason that I started this site. With the earthquake in Haiti and now Japan, friends are asking what to do to be ready. This topic comes up every time there is a disaster, it has people ask “AM I READY” ?

  • First thing to do is STOP! Sit down and calm down. Radiation is NOT going to kill you from this, even if you are on the West Coast as I am.
  • Second, ask what you need to do, we can help with that. And
  • third, make a plan and work the plan.

This does not have to be Panic Buying of “Stuff”. I needs to be timely purchasing of items for your stores that will serve you even if we don’t have another event like this. What we should plan for are the events that are possible and more probable that a 9.0 quake. Let’s plan for those things that happen to good people everyday somewhere. What are these events you ask? How about:

  • Loss of Job
  • Local Power Outage
  • Trucker Strike
  • Illness in the Family

So where do we start? Lets start with looking at the Rule of Threes! 3 min without AIR, 3 hours without SHELTER, 3 days without WATER and 3 weeks without FOOD. Assuming that are breathing and have a place to live, that leaves the two things we can do every week to make our surviving a situation an ordeal or an adventure.

  1. HOW LONG? How long to we plan for? Well that’s up to you but there is one standard that everybody talks about, 72 HOURS. This being the most critical time in an emergency, some emergencies are over by this time.
  2. WHAT TO PACK. If you go to the FREE INFO page, there is a pdf of our personal Bags/72 Hour Kit. These are the items that we have near us at all times.This Kit should be portable so that if you need to leave, you can.

Start here, this will get you moving in the right direction! Then let’s start looking past the 72 hours, the first two weeks. Check out our posts on WATER and FOOD STORAGE and let’s get ready!

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