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Couple of Great Sales Goin On!


Two things popped up this week and if you are doing any stocking up, take advantage of these.

Ebags is having a 20% off EVERYTHING in the store for all of April. AND, free shipping on orders over 49 bucks. There are some great prices in here for BUG OUT bags, CAR bags and so on. I like the variety they carry and great pricing. Here is the link if you want to get some great deals;

Shop at

Also for the NEXT 6 DAYS…..Honeyville is have their 29% off sale. Now I use they guys for all my grains, powdered eggs and such. They have great products and almost free shipping, no shit, it is cheap. I cannot find good quality grains for long term storage, but here, it’s all good folks and I could not recommend these guys more highly. The one thing about these guys is that the grains are designed for human consumption, not animal feed. There are different standards when you make that distinction in quality and purity. So if you doing some packaging, get some of these to fill those buckets, here is the link;

Honeyville Food Products

Along with the grains, if you need help with learning to package them up, check out my video called “Packaging Day”. It will help you get the procedure down to do it correctly. And if you need more info, please reply to this post and I will answer your question.

Now go out and tear it up!

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