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Blood Loss First Aid Equipment


In my years of hiking, fishing and hunting in the outdoors, sometimes in area’s far from help, a disaster can come in an instant.

Activities in the outdoors bring with it sharp objects and the potential for disaster. The simple tasks of chopping wood, cleaning a fish or quartering a downed elk could end in tragedy. The slip of the knife not cutting a vein but an artery such as the Brachial Artery could result in death within seconds.

Many time I have patched up people including kid’s from severe cuts with the basic use of direct pressure, the basic principal of blood loss. But what happens when that is not enough? Then comes the tourniquet, if you have experience with these you may have your preference. I have recently started carrying a kit that has a tourniquet and the IBD or Israeli Battle Dressing. This pair can keep your buddy alive and get him to proper medical training.

The IBD will work on non arterial bleeding/normal wound bleeding. The tourniquet is for arterial bleeding and should be used as directed.

Here are a couple of videos that will show their use, I suggest purchasing and IBD and a Tourniquet and practicing.

Here is the IBD;

Here is the MAT Tourniquet;

Here is the CAT Tourniquet;


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