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Ben Swann – Investigative Journalist


So where do you get your news?

These days if you listen to the alphabet channel news programs, you get a polished, quick and at times accurate report of the news. Mostly we get what fits in the time slot, is not accurate or worse, is not even covered. So when we look at where we get information as to how our world is working or what is affecting us it is just not there. Now I don’t care which side of the isle you sit on, I sit in the middle of the isle and shake my head as to the crap that I see.

So we have this need for accurate, investigative reporting that does not rely on the AP wire and what the politics say we should cover, we need those who dig it up, shake it off, make sure its real and hand it to us for our opinion and thoughts. Most of the time we get what the wire says we should cover, in the opinion of the reporter or talking head on TV and has their personal or national agenda. Take the Zimmerman-Martin case. This was never news, it was a self defense case. But here comes the press who WANTS it to be about race because that’s what sells. Not accurate and not even news worthy but here comes the race baiters and the poverty pimps along with the press to make sure you get the REAL truth…..not even close.

So Ben started a “Truth in Media” project and a web site that has various reporters that find stories that you won’t hear about. I am actually seeing articles that I had no idea were happening AND the affect our civil rights or understanding of current events. Since I am a huge advocate of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, I support efforts at every opportunity to inform the public accurately of events that shake that tree or threaten it’s cutting down. We must get the truth and at every source we can trust to do the job right. We must have an accurately informed public if we stand any chance of saving our Republic.

So I suggest that you may want to give Ben a look see. Here is a link to his website. Ben Swann

Ben Swann

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