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And now…..The “M” word, our elected at their best!


So we are running as fast as we can toward the Fiscal Cliff as they call it.

We have elected officials that are hard at work “doing the peoples business”, yeaaaa right! I found this video clip and almost fell of my chair. With ALL of the things coming at us, we really have time to apologize for using the dreaded “M” work, which this guy along with myself, did not know existed.

We as a society of weak-kneed, lily livered, spineless excuse for human beings are allowing this kind of nonsense to continue. I see this kind of crap, on the evening blues, presented as a NEWS STORY, it is far from that. We have allowed this to exist and grow. When was the last time you, yes YOU, called your congressman or senator’s office and told them what you think? All to many in this country think it’s “somebody else’s” responsibility to bitch, yell, scream and yes throw a fuckin tantrum like our kids do….

Here is an idiot, trying to please whoever he needs to, so that he can keep his job. What a lousy excuse for a MAN.



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