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A Virtual President?


This virtual president can say the things we all want to say and ask some hard questions where we should.

I ran across this video and found it compelling. Here is a virtual president, a guy who is completely fabricated, saying the things we should be saying to our elected officials. Asking the right questions about that old document called the Constitution of the United States. Little things like that that has our real socialist/redistributionist president and his cronies wanting their version of the document. I firmly believe that they don’t want to get rid of the constitution, just replace it with their version.

Even though this is labeled “Gun Control”, it goes right to the heart of the problem, screwing with the rights of everyone living in this country. In asking Congress why they are not following their oath of office, we ask the right question, you are not doing your job. Your job as an elected official was to do what the people ask, keeping in mind our Republic and the Constitution as your working reference. They must have ADD or some other clinical diagnosis….or is it that they just don’t give a damn about those principals and only care about their own wallets and personal agenda’s? Well this person votes for the later.

Here is the link to their site:

Here is the video:

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