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A Thank You to the Troops for Veterans Day!


I would like to honor and remember all those who have served our great country!

Veterans day is the one day that we can rejoice and thank those that took up the call to serve our great country.

On this holiday, take a minute to thank a vet or buy his meal. Most don’t want to be singled out and will avert their eyes if you call em a hero… they just do the job, the job they love. To those who enlisted to serve our great republic in uniform, to hold the ideals of this nation up to the world as a beacon of light.

To all of my family members, closest to me is my son who currently serves and has 3 tours in a battlefront, I could not be prouder to be an American or father. Most of these “HEROES” want no recognition other than a nod or thank you. They don’t see themselves as doing anything special, but you are.

I could go on for hours but will end here with a “Thank You” for holding the pointy end of the spear so that I can sleep well tonight! THANKS!

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