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A Patriots Day Message


On Monday the 15th of April, Massachuets and Maine celebrate “Patriots Day” every year.

It seems that the month that this holiday is celebrated has had events that don’t make sense. Waco and Oklahoma City come to mind. Beyond that the month has other sorted history, none patriotic. But this day in 1775 was when the first uprising against the British occurred, in the town of Lexington. The start of a battle for the heart and soul of America.

A short video has surfaced and I have been asked to put this up so that ALL AMERICANS could see it. Narrated by Fred Thompson, it’s just outstanding. In a time when we need to remember that Liberty, is the basic right that we must protect, now more than ever. Our Republic is based on each man and woman having personal liberty, giving all freedom and the power to offer that to others.

Now, more than ever, we need to stand up and remember who we are;


Given this time, I would ask that we not consider ourselves african american, hispanic american, italian american…..but just AN AMERICAN. Hold our liberty high and let no-one, government or not take any measure of it!

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