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A Message we need to Remember!


So Diana Nyad has finished her lifelong attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida.


Diana and the prepper world have many things in common.


  • had a plan
  • had a contingency plan
  • was prepared for the journey
  • was not alone, she had community
  • had a mantra that gave her the will to move forward
  • had a single focus, to complete what she started
  • stuck to her basic beliefs, no shark cage
  • proved age does not matter

As preppers, we:

  • have a plan
  • have contingency plans
  • are prepared to short term and long term emergencies
  • are not alone
  • have something, either a mantra or reason to push forward
  • had the focus to keep on a path
  • know age does not matter
  • plan to help others

I want to shout out a big “CONGRATS” to Diana!!! I want all of us in the prepper community, to look at what she has done and think about how much more we can do. Everyday we face things that can interrupt our swim, we need to find that way to push on. Finding that way is made up of many parts and in the end, only one part.

We stock the shelves and train. We plan and then make alternate plans. We talk to friends and neighbors about being prepared. And in the end, it’s the last part “The Brain” that pushes us through. The folks greeting Diana are not sports fans at all, they are you and me and my neighbor next door who had to struggle with job loss, a loved one passing or loosing a home. Maybe they had to “Find a Way” to be there when she reached shore. All of us can take a moment and think about what else can we do to “Find a Way”.




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3 responses on “A Message we need to Remember!

  1. It’s amazing what people can accomplish when they set their mind to it. You’re spot on with your comparison and many could learn from it


    • Vic says:

      It is truly amazing. I did small triathlons in my yout, and I can tell you that the folks who do the Ironman, have something in their soul that just won’t let go of getting it done. I have known soldiers that go through hell and just keep going no matter what.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Becky says:

    Great comparison and advice…

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