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A Memorial Day – THANKS to the TROOPS!


On behalf of, I want to send out a big “THANKS” to those in our armed forces who selflessly put themselves in harms way for us. For  those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, “Thanks” seems short of the mark but I can only add that is is from the Heart! Whether you agree with the wars and not so wars we have been in, we MUST support the troops who serve us all in ways, many of us will never know. These young men and women have given to us a gift, one that we would not and could not ask of them. Instead of hangin with their friends, they stand a post. Rain, Cold Heat and Wind, they are there!

So today, if you are grabbing a coffee or having a beer and you have a soldier there, buy em one! For all of those troops not on US soil, I extend the same sentiment. Those countries who have put their troops to stand with us, Hats of to you as well, thanks from this citizen.

Let’s hope in the future, we can get our countries and our elected officials to pull their heads of their asses and think. There is a time to fight and a time to sit down, have a cold one and talk about it. Not pulling anyone’s strings or forcing our will on others, just talk and work the damn thing out. However, when this country is attacked, better watch your ass cause we have the most bad ass bunch of folks in uniform, who understand that the Sheepdog will eat the wolf and the sheep will sleep well tonight!!

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