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9-11. A New Independent Investigation or the Government Report?


On this day, we pay respect to the memories of those lost when we were attacked.

Let me be straight right here, this was NOT a tragedy, it was a cowardly attack from AL-Qaeda.

Now the flying of the aircraft into the towers is undeniable, but what happened after that is. Now as you know, I don’t own or know how to make a tin foil hat. I have dismissed the conspiracy theorists that say the US Government did this, and frankly you would have to show me actual proof of that for me to even turn my head. Now, Ben Swann who I respect at getting to the truth has a short video that asks that question again, but this time from the professional public. These are the guys that suppose nothing, they crunch numbers as the laws of physics and science dictate.

Over 2,000 engineers are questioning the way in which the towers came down, especially Tower 7, the third building. I have to say after seeing his video, I have questions. The guys questioning the reason the building came down vertically, is the main question. In their interviews, there is simply no way that could happen…without a controlled demolition. Yea, cold words that make me NOT want to know but we do need to know.

So many are asking for an independent investigation, funded by the federal government be done to finally determine these questions and put the matter to rest. I think the folks we lost would be happy with that. That we the government asked every question and answered them completely. Here is the video, see if it makes sense to you;

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