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72hr/Bugout Bag Rework


I have decided to re-look at my entire 72hr/bugout bag and contents and get a list of items and gear that really make sense. I am going through our bags and will update them and post how that proceeds. I think as time goes by, we need to stop and rethink our plans and gear occasionally, it keeps us on our toes and allows for changes to be observed and changed.

We need to review everything and do a new “Size Up” of everything. So here is a poll with comments and other answers to help me see where you guys are. As I go, will keep in mind what you need and let’s see what we can brainstorm together. If you would jump in and offer your thoughts, I would appreciate that!

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2 responses on “72hr/Bugout Bag Rework

  1. S117 says:

    im starting to create my own bugout bag but i need ideas on what else to pack.

    here is what i have already…
    .binoculars (10×50 magnification)
    .swiss army knife x2
    .un salted & salted nuts
    .flask (that i fill wth tea)
    .maps of my local area and places that i could bugout to
    .battery powered torch x2
    .wind up torch/radio x1
    .black widow catapult
    .fishing catapult (my backup weapon)
    .other canned foods
    .1 man tent
    .sleeping bag
    .survival books x3

    i have been out walking with this gear to and from my spider hole to get used to the weight and i am ok at hunting biulding shelters and other vital survival teqnices
    any suggestions…

    • Vic says:

      I did not catch your name but it does look like you are in the UK. So a big hello from across the pond!
      I looked at your list and it is a little disjointed so I wanted to start from ground zero so to speak.
      The first thing you should ask yourself is “What am I preparing for”? This answer helps form a plan of action that will help your focus. For example, after reading your message, you have maps of places that you COULD bug out to and you also have a spider hole. Why the spider hole, did you see that on Doomsday Preppers? Could bug out to is not a plan, it’s an idea. Ideas put into action become a plan.
      Personally I look at my bug out bag as tools to get me by for 72 hours. So if an earthquake hits and I have to leave my home, I can camp in a park or public land until I can return home, or I can stay in a hotel and just use what I need from the bag.
      A spider hole would mean that you have to hide, from what? If you are preparing for civil unrest, my first choice would never be a spider hole. It might be a place out of sight but above ground where I can actually defend myself, cook for myself and move around. A spider hole is not much of an answer for anything and you have to assume that you have NO other place to hide. So think about the why and the events and work out a sensible plan from that.
      As to your list. Canned food in a pack is heavy, would suggest freeze dried for that. No tea in your flask, water is the stuff of life and that’s what goes in there. I am not familiar with the “catapults” you mention so no ideas on those. Binoculars could be smaller magnification, maybe 8X32 and would be lighter. I have a list of items for a bug out bag in the FREE INFO page under the practical prepper bug out bag.
      Take a look at those and relook at your reasons to prep!

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