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  • deepcyclebattery
    12V Power Survey
    26 April 2013

    Folks, I need your help and input on how you currently use or would use a 12 volt battery in an emergency! In our […]

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    The Swale Plan! Soup to Nuts, here is the Layout.
    25 April 2013

    Here is the Master Plan for the Main Swale and the Toe Swale. We have been busy building the swales and show you video […]

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  • boston1
    Guns-Boston and my opinion!
    22 April 2013

    Last week brought us attacks from several fronts, some we saw and one we did not! Boston; I have held off saying anything on […]

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  • Emergency Essentials/BePrepared
    News for April 18-2013
    18 April 2013

    A couple of things to mention We have a new affiliate and we are happy to have them! Emergency Essentials has come onboard and […]

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    A Patriots Day Message
    16 April 2013

    On Monday the 15th of April, Massachuets and Maine celebrate “Patriots Day” every year. It seems that the month that this holiday is celebrated […]

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