Skills and Gear for Self Reliance and Homesteading

    And now…..The “M” word, our elected at their best!
    14 December 2012

    So we are running as fast as we can toward the Fiscal Cliff as they call it. We have elected officials that are hard […]

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  • Smartphone
    Making your Smartphone a better tool!
    13 December 2012

    With the advent of Smartphones such as the Iphone, Android and yes the Stoneberry (blackberry), many useful tools exist and are created everyday that […]

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  • Backback
    Poll Results for “72hr/Bugout bag Completion”!
    12 December 2012

    I ran a poll on December 4th and gathered the results, so let’s take a look. It actually surprised me since in my opinion, […]

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    Doomsday Prepper Review-November 27th 2012
    10 December 2012

    So this episode was a little different, covered really one family with a second as an addition to the “compound”.  Our main prepper is […]

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    Doomsday Prepper Review-November 20th 2012
    7 December 2012

    This weeks show did not do much for me at all. I found it lacking much of anything, two more people I am concerned […]

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