Skills and Gear for Self Reliance and Homesteading

    Book Review! The Prepper’s Pocket Guide
    30 January 2012

    The Prepper’s Pocket Guide 101 Easy Things You Can Do To Ready Your Home for a Disaster Author: Bernie Carr     Ulysses Press, Berkley CA […]

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    Preppers are Subculture, Really?
    25 January 2012

    Well I guess Reuters news service puts those of us who believe that being self sufficient, independent and the preparedness lifestyles to take care […]

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    Reno NV Winter Wildfire
    24 January 2012

    On our last trip to NV, which will be our new home, we followed a fire that occured due to negligence pure and simple. […]

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    Winter Travel-Bug Out Bags
    23 January 2012

    If you have your Bug Out Bag complete and stowed in your vehicle, then your probably ready. But when was the last time your […]

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    Looking for that Perfect Homestead!
    20 January 2012

    Have you, or are you looking for the perfect piece of property for your homestead? We are and it’s a very interesting journey. We […]

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